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How To Boost Intersectionality In Tech
Be a catalyst for building a more diverse, skilled technology workforce
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Identity Services

Capital One’s Digital Identity Services enables businesses to seamlessly provide trusted account on-boarding and reduce fraud associated with rogue or non-verified accounts.
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Credit Offers

Returns a personalized list of Capital One credit card offers in under 60 seconds based on just a few pieces of personal information.
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Provides a nearly real-time, consolidated view of the health of the entire delivery pipeline from build to test to deploy.
machine learning

How a Spanish-English AI Dictionary is Encouraging More Engineers to Pursue AI

How a universal language could make AI more inclusive
software engineering

This is What Enterprise Architecture Looks Like in a Fast-Paced Technology Company

How we transformed our enterprise architecture
machine learning

An Integral, Pragmatic Approach to Explainable AI

We approach the challenges and opportunities in the space from a humanity- and responsibility-centered school of thought.

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