Yes, we're open source!

Don't think a bank can do open source? We'd like to change your mind.

We launched the Capital One Open Source Program Office in 2015, one year after our first open source contributions. Using open source throughout our tech stack lets us use the power of the open source community to innovate quickly and build software that’s as high quality and secure as our industry demands.

Open Source First

We develop and open source software designed to meet the demands of our highly regulated industry.

Contributions to 100+ Projects

Our technologists have made thousands of contributions to more than 100 projects, including 25 of our own.

Invested in the Community

We sponsor the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Python, FINOS, Apache and more to help keep open source sustainable.

Featured Open Source Projects


A data science tool designed to capture all information and artifacts relating to a model during training and monitoring.

Data Profiler

A Python library designed to make data analysis, monitoring and sensitive data detection easy.


Get a consolidated, nearly real-time overview of your CI/CD pipeline efficiency.



Here, there and everywhere

Every year we sponsor and attend open source events like All Things Open, PyCon, KubeCon and more. Check out where we’ll be next.



Yes, we’re hiring!

Come help us change banking for good by using technology to serve our customers quicker and more easily than ever.

Sharing What We’ve Learned

The Enterprise Developer

A three-part series on operationalizing enterprise developers.

Open Source as the New Normal

Collaborative working makes smarter, more resilient tech.

Openness in a Regulated Industry

Watch our open source webinar at The Linux Foundation1.

Featured Open Source Articles

Open Source

Introduction to Using rubicon-ml (VIDEO)

How this open source data science tool helps capture reproducible information throughout your model’s development

Open Source

Detecting Sensitive Information in Data with Data Profiler

Simplifying detection with just a few lines of code using Data Profiler—an open source project from Capital One

Open Source

Standardizing the Model Development Process with rubicon-ml

An open source tool for capturing & storing model training & execution information in a repeatable & searchable way

Open Source

Building a Community of Python Users Among Capital One’s Analysts

By I-Kang Ding, Manager Data Science, Card Machine Learning, Ariel M'ndange-Pfupfu, Principal Associate Data Science, Model Risk Analytics and Data, and Marina Sergeeva, Principal Associate Data Science, Model Risk Analytics and Data