Our Privacy Protections

Learn more about how Capital One protects your privacy and uses your data.

We're in the business of keeping your money and information safe.

As a business that relies on trust, protecting your information is just as important to us as protecting your finances. You can explore our privacy and protection policies, opt-out of email advertisements from us, and submit a data request.

Capital One Online Privacy Policy

The Capital One Online Privacy Policy includes information for everyone about our online information practices.

U.S. Consumer Privacy Notice

The U.S. Consumer Privacy Notice applies to customers, applicants, and former customers of the Capital One family of companies listed in the notice. It details our privacy and security practices regarding our relationship with you and provides instructions on how to limit the sharing of your information. This notice does not apply to business or commercial customers.

Social Security Number Protections

In the limited cases where Social Security number is necessary, we have measures in place to protect you.

Your Privacy Rights and Choices

Learn more about your privacy rights and how you can opt out of email marketing or targeted advertising.
Your Privacy Rights and Choices

Manage Your Data

You’re able to request a copy of your data, request to correct certain data, and delete some of the data we’ve collected.
Manage Your Data

Capital One California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Disclosure

The Capital One California Consumer Privacy Act Disclosure provides an overview of how consumers in California receive certain privacy rights and protections. The Capital One Workforce CCPA Disclosure provides similar information for members of the Capital One workforce.