Capital One Subpoena Policy

Get information about subpoena policies and easily access the Legal Document Portal to submit and retrieve records in one secure, simplified system.

Subpoena Policy Details

Authorized government agencies, law enforcement, and attorney firms.

All Capital One entities exercise reasonable efforts to respond in a timely manner to subpoenas that are validly issued and served in full compliance with applicable law but such responses can take approximately 30-45 days from receipt to complete depending on the complexity of your request. For a quicker response, please limit the scope of your subpoena to only those records necessary for your legal matter and ensure your subpoena clearly lists uniquely identifying information such as an account number or social security number.

We reserve the right to charge reasonable administrative fees (unless otherwise prohibited by law) for the production of documents in response to any subpoena. Normally, we issue an invoice to you with the production.

If you're looking for information on legal requests that involve the turnover of funds such as a levy or garnishment to collect on a judgment, please email your inquiry to and it will be processed by the Levies and Garnishments department.

Subpoena Questions, Status Updates, and Inquiries

For additional information or follow-up questions, email us at We will respond within two business days. NOTE: please do not contact any Capital One customer service channels as they are not prepared to handle questions regarding subpoenas or legal inquiries.