Checking with a curfew.

Put your teen on the path to financial independence.

What’s a MONEY account?

A teen checking account with zero fees. Seriously.


Fee-free and no minimums


Fee-free debit card

So easy to use, you won’t have to ask them again.

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No Fees or Minimums

Show your teen how far their dollar can go with a free checking account and no account balance requirements.

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Free Debit Card

A MasterCard® Debit Card in your teen’s name gives them the power to decide when to buy – and when to save.

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Text Alerts

Track spending habits together and know when your teen’s balance is getting low with real-time text alerts.

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Fee-free ATMs

With over 39,000 free Capital One and Allpoint® ATM locations, your teens can get cash while you keep your wallet in your pocket.

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Earn Interest

Get them thinking about saving with a APY on cash they already have in the bank.

Earn interest on your everyday cash.

Rated T for Teens.

Account Balance Annual Percentage Yield (APY)
All balances

APYs are variable and effective .

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“This was the only account that allowed me to get a debit card for my son and set up a separate account. He is learning to manage his money and the app makes it simple.”

Rebecca K., Fairfax Station, VA

Have the MONEY talk with your teen.

You’ve been in charge of the allowance, now help your teen take the first step towards managing their own money. As joint account holders, you and your teen will be able to talk through what it means to have a checking account in their name and use their debit card responsibly.

Plan for the future together.

Give your teens the financial tools today to build the future they want. Easy-to-use account features make it simple to show your teen how to set up a checking account, keep track of their spending, and make mobile deposits.

Give them a good reason to be on their phone.

Download our top-rated app.

Show your teen how to track their spending on the go. Use our mobile app to transfer money, deposit checks, and manage accounts.

Bank securely.

Even if your teen loses their phone, you’ll always know where their money is. Sign in on your own device with SureSwipe® access and see all transaction details.

Make mobile deposits.

Teens can switch out of selfie mode and upload their paychecks, birthday money, and other checks in a snap.

Get instant alerts and messages.

Give your teen the power to manage their money while still staying in the loop. Check in on how they’re doing with text updates and help them avoid overdrafting with balance alerts.

Learn More

MONEY: 101

Unlock everything you need to know to start a MONEY bank account for teens. For answers, just click the arrow next to each question below.

  • What is an online teen checking account?

    MONEY teen checking accounts are only available online. That means you and your teen will be able to open an account, transfer money, talk about spending, and practice their budgeting skills–all from the couch.

  • What are the age requirements?

    A checking account for teens is just that–for teens. Once they turn 18, your teen can rollover their teen checking account balance into a 360 Checking account.

  • How do teen debit cards and checks work?

    Your teen will receive a MasterCard® Debit Card in their name that they can use to make purchases or withdraw cash where MasterCard® is accepted. They’ll also be able to make free withdrawals at any Capital One or Allpoint® ATM. MONEY accounts are paper-free and don’t offer checks.

  • How do I know what my teen is doing with their account?

    As a joint account holder, you’ll be able to access your teen’s checking account anytime with your own username and password. Set up text alerts and email notifications for card transactions and account activity–for both you and your teen.

  • What access do teens have?

    Teens can check their balance, deposit checks, set up direct deposit, get account text alerts & emails, and manage their account info. They’ll feel like an adult, but not too grown up, since teen checking accounts don’t come with Bill Pay.

  • What access do parents have?

    You can do everything your teen can do with their account, but won’t receive a debit card. Use your own username and password to sign into their account and walk through checking basics together, like transferring money and setting up an Automatic Savings Plan.

  • How does mobile deposit work?

    You and your teen can make deposits anytime, anywhere. Just sign in to the Capital One mobile website using your smartphone or download the mobile banking app.

  • Can I open a MONEY account at a Capital One® location?

    Life doesn’t just happen within business hours. That’s why MONEY accounts are available both online and in person at Capital One locations–so that you can bank on your schedule. Visit your nearby Capital One location to open your teen’s MONEY account and get started with awesome free digital tools (and a top-rated mobile app) to help them manage their money, anytime, almost anywhere.

  • Can I add beneficiaries to a MONEY account?

    Yes. You can assign up to 10 individuals as Payable on Death beneficiaries, which means that while you’re alive, the beneficiaries won’t have access to anything in the account. The only exception is that you cannot assign beneficiaries for a Trust account, where the trustee controls funds for another party. Assigning beneficiaries can give you peace of mind and can result in increased FDIC coverage for your accounts up to allowable limits. There are 2 ways that you can manage beneficiaries for you accounts.

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“I like that my teens can have their ‘own’ accounts and cards–and that I can monitor them. I also like getting a little interest for the money I have in the account.”

Devona E., Saint Joseph, MN
“ ”

“We originally selected Capital One 360 after looking for a checking account with no-foreign-transaction fee ATM card that our daughter could use when she was a foreign exchange student last year.”

Paul C., Wisconsin Rapids, WI
“ ”

“I love the easy money transfer feature to my kids’ money account! Tracking my kids’ expenses is super easy.”

Nydia O., San Antonio, TX

Web access is needed to use mobile banking. Check with your service provider for details on specific fees and charges. Routine or unscheduled maintenance may impact accessibility. Mobile Deposits are available only in the U.S. and U.S. Territories.

For certain banking products we offer, fees assessed at any ATM within the United States and at some ATMs located outside the United States will be reimbursed within 5 business days, up to $15 per statement period.

The Capital One Mobile app has a 4.6/5-star customer rating on the App Store and a 4.7/5-star customer rating on Google Play as of 01/22/2019.

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