Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Advancing a culture of belonging where everyone can thrive.

Our Commitment

At Capital One, diversity, inclusion and belonging are valued at our core. We empower our associates to do great work by creating an inclusive culture—that values diverse perspectives, fosters collaboration and encourages innovative ideas—and a place where associates of all backgrounds can thrive by bringing their most authentic selves to work. We call this our Culture of Belonging, and it rests at the heart of our Diversity, and Inclusion & Belonging (DIB) efforts.



Founder and CEO

“Our associates bring a diversity of backgrounds, perspectives and experiences to our company. Diversity in all of its forms, coupled with our culture of belonging, will remain a foundational part of who we are and how we work.”



Our Business Resource Groups

Business Resource Groups (BRGs) play a central role in advancing diversity, inclusion and belonging at Capital One. They deepen our understanding of different cultures, people and experiences, and empower associates to expand their networks and accelerate their growth and development. 

Our BRGs are led by passionate associates who volunteer their time to propel us forward as a company, attracting talent, elevating insights, building connections and strengthening engagement across the full spectrum of diversity.



Our Associates

We know that our diversity makes us stronger – more innovative, nimble and resilient. By building a company that reflects the communities we serve, we broaden and deepen our understanding of our customers and drive insightful problem solving.

Associate Profile

Reuben E.

Reuben is an associate from Ghana who lives, and works, with purpose.

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