Digital Wallets & Mobile Payments

Set up your digital wallet for more convenient and secure ways to pay.

Choose the way you pay


Secure online checkout—with all your card benefits and PayPal deals, too.

Apple Pay

An easy, secure and private way to pay with your Apple devices.

Google Pay

A safe, simple and helpful way to pay and manage your money.

Samsung Pay

Check out securely in person or online with your Samsung devices.

Fitbit Pay

Pay right from your watch or tracker—no phone or wallet needed.

Garmin Pay

No wallet? No phone? No problem. Simply pay with your smartwatch.


Shop more securely online with virtual card numbers.

Virtual card numbers allow Capital One customers to shop online without exposing their actual card number.

Frequently Asked Questions

A digital wallet allows consumers to make secure transactions with various devices. Essentially a digital version of your real wallet, it can be used for quick and easy payments or easy access to loyalty cards and tickets across desktop, laptop, mobile devices and wearables.

It’s convenient—A digital wallet allows for storing multiple forms of payment, like credit cards, loyalty cards, digital coupons and other personal data. Get to it quickly and easily from your desktop, laptop, smartphone or smartwatch. 

It’s more secure—Most digital wallets don’t store your physical card number, which means your private information isn’t seen by the terminal reader or the merchant you’re completing a transaction with. 

It’s simple—In most cases, all you have to do is authenticate your identity, then complete your purchase with a few clicks.

There are no additional fees for using your Capital One card on any of our supported digital wallets. They are completely free features that you can use with your smart devices or on the web. If anything, you might need to download an app.

Digital wallets don’t store the complete number on your physical credit card, so they never share your full financial information with merchants when you make a purchase.

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