Escrow Express

Your time is valuable—simplify your finances with a platform that delivers.

Easily manage and direct escrow funds with our 24/7 online system

With the self-service portal, you can securely and holistically view your business bank account, open and close sub-accounts, make allocations or transfers, download or run statements on-demand and more—all without having to step foot in a bank or leave the office.


Your finances on your time with digital, integrated banking solutions

Capital One’s Escrow Express simplifies time-consuming tasks, provides robust reporting capabilities and ensures financial transparency when it counts the most.

Escrow ExpresS AT A GLANCE

24/7 Access

Access to escrow funds online via our Intellix® platform, where you can set user permission levels at any time.

Audit Preparedness

Prepare for audit with legally compliant documentation.*

Sub-Accounts Online

Pay interest, manage disbursement schedules, submit W9s and more.

Detailed Reporting

Get in-depth reports plus account summaries and statements.

Convenient Payouts

Make final payout simple with a variety of payment methods.

Year-End Documents

Receive system-generated 1099 statements each year.


Ideal for your industry

Attorneys, property managers, government entities, real estate agents, 1031 exchanges and more can greatly benefit from Escrow Express—put it to work for your business today.


Great for businesses and nonprofits

We built our escrow platform with you in mind. Our special features evolve to continuously meet your needs.

Frequently Asked questions

The main reason for using escrow is risk management. When two or more parties are involved in a business transaction, there is general risk involved for both parties. Escrow Express is a sub-accounting platform for escrow agents and other entities that manage third party funds or require separate accounting for escrow monies. The online platform allows the escrow agents to self-service their accounts including but not limited to opening sub-accounts, closing sub-accounts, allocating and disbursing funds from the sub-accounts.

The types of escrow accounts offered are:

  • Tenant Security—great for landlords and property managers who handle tenant security deposits.
  • Attorney Trust—perfect for attorneys and law firms to manage client funds.
  • Escrow Standard—escrow products are available for escrow agents and businesses not specified above but who require sub-accounting functionality. 

Interest-bearing and non-interest-bearing accounts are available, depending on business requirements. State law may affect account specifications.

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You have 24/7 access to escrow funds online via our Intellix® platform.