Dream, Plan, Achieve.

The Money & Life Program (formerly called Money Coaching) helps you plan out your goals in life—and think through how your financial behaviors connect to those goals. Check out all the ways you can work towards achieving your financial well-being. Best part? It's free for everyone—whether you bank with us or not.

Right now, the Money & Life Program is only available virtually. We look forward to seeing you in-person once Mentoring and Workshops return to a Café near you. Check back soon for updates.

Two people having a conversation during a one-on-one mentoring session over a cup of coffee at a Capital One Cafe

Money & Life Mentoring

Meet 1-on-1 with a Money & Life Mentor who’ll help you reflect on how money fits into your life—and examine how you can adapt your financial behaviors to better achieve your goals.

Whether you're a Capital One customer or not, you get up to 3 free 60-minute sessions.

Woman smiling while seated at her desk on a computer completing a self-guided exercise

Money & Life Exercises

Money is less stressful when you’re able to see it a bit more clearly. Our self-guided Money & Life Exercises help you become more aware of the ways financial stress is showing up in your life. Once you know the hows, wheres, and whys, you can start to control it (instead of the other way around).

Each exercise only takes about 5-10 minutes to complete.

Woman standing inside of a Capital One Cafe leading a Group Workshop

Money & Life Workshops

Powerful things happen in group settings. Money & Life Workshops are run by a professional money mentor and are offered online and in our Cafés—you can attend solo or with friends and family. You’ll learn together, sparking new realizations about your own life to help you create a plan towards financial well-being.

With workshops ranging from 10-60 minutes, you can find one that's right for you.

Everyone has a money story

What customers are saying

"Both mentoring sessions have uncovered incredible insights. [They] helped shift my vision for the future, my energy and what I want for myself. I'm getting more out of these sessions than I thought!"

Charlotte C.

"I was expecting the usual, ‘what are your monthly expenses, you need to do this, do that’ and it was none of that. I felt like I [had] a partner to help change my views of money and set and meet my goals."

Audrey Z.

It’s a free service for you to meet 1-on-1 with a professional mentor. In your 3 sessions, you’ll get clear on your goals in life and how money relates to those goals, understand what’s getting in your way, and make a personalized plan to achieve your goals.

Formerly referred to as Money Coaches, Money & Life Mentors are Capital One certified Mentors who can help you get clarity on your goals and build a plan to achieve them. You can find a Money & Life Mentor by clicking “Find a Mentor” above or talking with an Ambassador at any Capital One Café.

The Money & Life Program can be beneficial to anyone—no matter your financial position and goals in life. It’s open to everyone in the U.S., whether you are a Capital One customer or not. You must be at least 18 to book a Money & Life Mentoring session.

It’s free for everyone—whether you’re a Capital One customer or not. You can book up to 3 free sessions with a Money & Life Mentor.