The Money & Life Program

Connect your financial behaviors to your life goals.

The Money & Life Program

Connect your financial behaviors to your life goals.

Get started on a path designed to help you achieve your financial goals

The Money & Life Program provides self-guided exercises, one-on-one mentoring and on-demand workshops to support your financial well-being. It’s free for everyone—whether you bank with us or not.

Guide yourself

Use these 5-10 minute virtual tools.

Meet with a mentor

Get up to three free 60-minute sessions.

Explore workshops

Learn from 5-10 minute on-demand videos.


Short activities built to give you a fresh perspective

Break your financial goals into small, achievable chunks and understand trade-offs you can make to spend on what’s important to you.


Everyone has a money story

See how Cassie turned her financial stress into success with one of our Money & Life Mentors.


It’s a free service for you to meet one-on-one with a professional mentor. In up to three sessions, you’ll understand how money relates to your goals in life–and what's getting in the way–so you can make a personalized plan to achieve your goals.

Money & Life Mentors are Capital One certified mentors who can help you get clarity on your goals and build a plan to achieve them. Click here to book a session with a Money & Life Mentor, or talk with an Ambassador at any Capital One Café.

The Money & Life Program can be beneficial to anyone—no matter your financial position or goals in life. It’s open to everyone in the U.S., whether you are a Capital One customer or not. You must be at least 18 to book a Money & Life Mentoring session.

It’s free for everyone—whether you’re a Capital One customer or not. You can book up to 3 free sessions with a Money & Life Mentor.