Monitor your money on the go with the Capital One Mobile app.

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Keep your accounts more secure

Proactive alerts

Eno, your Capital One assistant, can notify you of unusual transactions and potential fraud.


Add cash in store

You don’t need to visit a Capital One branch to add cash to your eligible checking account balance. Just visit any of our 10,000 CVS retail locations and the cashier will handle the rest. Your money will then show up in your account in minutes, just like a deposit.


iOS Account Balance Widget

Keep your balance right where you need it: on your home screen and at your fingertips, without even logging in. New for iPhone and iPad. Find out more


Biometric login

Use your password or yourself. Facial and fingerprint recognition let you log in with a touch or a glance.

Purchase alerts

Track your spending and help protect your account with instant purchase notifications.

Mobile deposit

Deposit checks from anywhere. All you need is a check, your phone and the Capital One Mobile app.