Help keep your accounts more secure

Help keep your accounts more secure

Alerts and virtual card numbers from Eno can help you stay protected.
Text notification to verify purchases to ensure there it isn't a fraudulent purchase


Stay in the know

Eno lets you know if unusual or suspicious charges are spotted on your account and can help guide you to a resolution.

Eno opens a window that says, "Your virtual card is ready," with a card number, expiration and CVV linked to a Capital One card.


Shop online more securely

Eno creates merchant-specific virtual card numbers for you to use while shopping online that help protect your credit card account from fraud.

Text notification to verify purchases made by the card owner


Help prevent duplicate charges

If Eno notices you have two charges for the same amount from the same place on the same day, you’ll receive a notification and guidance in resolving the issue.

Capital One credit cards

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If you’re already a customer, great! Eno is already hard at work for you. If you’re new and want to take advantage of Eno’s credit card features, find the right option for you and get started today.


Answers to common questions

If you’re a Capital One credit card customer1, Eno can let you know in real time if potential suspicious activity is detected on your account. You’ll receive a text message and/or an email asking you to confirm whether or not you made the purchase in question. If the charge looks right, let Eno know and you’re good to go. If not, Eno can help you get started on reporting any purchases that you didn’t authorize.

Sometimes, a merchant may accidentally charge you twice for the same purchase. If Eno notices that you have two charges for the same amount from the same place on the same day, you’ll receive a notification via email and/or a push notification if you’ve signed up for notifications. If you aren’t expecting the double charge, Eno can help you resolve the issue.

Virtual card numbers are unique credit card numbers that you can use to pay for an online purchase instead of using your actual card number. Virtual card numbers can make online shopping easier and more secure. They only work at a single merchant site, adding a layer of protection to your credit card account in case a merchant that stores your credit card number is ever compromised. 

Virtual card numbers are still linked to your credit card account, so you’ll still enjoy the same card benefits or earn the same rewards (for eligible rewards cards).

If you’re a Capital One credit card customer 2, first add the Eno browser extension to your desktop browser. Once the extension is installed, sign in using your Capital One credentials, then enroll using your credit card(s).

The next time you’re ready to check out online, you can use Eno to generate a merchant-specific virtual card number to complete your purchase. Each virtual card number can only be used at one merchant site, giving you added security. For added control, you can lock, unlock, and delete your virtual card numbers at any time.

The transactions you make using virtual card numbers will show up normally on your monthly statements.