Eno sends you helpful spending insights, so you can see where your money is going.


Get a heads up

Eno reaches out if a free trial is spotted* and can even send you a reminder before it ends — letting you choose whether to start a new subscription or cancel.


Make sure that’s right

If Eno sees that you may have left a tip that's much higher than your usual amount, you'll receive a notification.

Recurring charge increase

Monitor automatic bill payments

Stay in the loop — even when you have automatic payments set up. Eno notifies you when it spots a monthly bill or in-app purchase that’s higher than usual to help you stay on top of your money.

Credit back

Know when you get money back

Good news coming your way! Get notified when Eno spots that a merchant has credited money back to your account.


Never miss a beat

If your card is declined, Eno can reach out to explain why and help you get back on track.

More from Eno

Charitable donations

Eno monitors your credit card account for charges that might qualify as donations and sends you a summary in time for taxes.

New subscription

Eno lets you know when it spots that you’ve begun a new subscription.

Annual renewal

Eno lets you know when it spots that an annual subscription or membership fee has been charged to your account.

Capital One credit cards

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With great cards come great benefits

If you’re already a customer, great! Eno is already hard at work for you. If you’re new and want to take advantage of Eno’s credit card features, find the right option for you and get started today.

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Help avoid surprise subscription charges

Remember that free trial you signed up for? Eno, your Capital One assistant, could remind you when it’s about to end

Stay on top of your recurring charges

Managing recurring charges? Eno, your Capital One assistant, can make it easy to monitor increases in your ongoing expenses

Get a summary of charitable donations

Let Eno, your Capital One assistant, help make it easy to find past charitable donations during tax season

Answers to common questions

Email notifications
If you’re a Capital One card1 customer and manage your account with Capital One online, you’re all set to start receiving email notifications from Eno. That’s right, Eno is already looking out for you!

You can update your email settings anytime online or in the Capital One Mobile app.

Mobile app notifications
If you’re a Capital One card1 customer, manage your account with Capital One online, and have given Capital One permission to contact you, you’re all set to receive app notifications from Eno.

To verify that you’re set up to receive app alerts: Sign in to your Capital One Mobile app, tap your profile photo, and go to Settings, Alerts & Notifications.

If Eno detects that you’ve signed up for a new free trial, Eno will ask whether you want a reminder before the trial period ends. If you say yes, Eno will send you a message before the free trial ends. If you want to continue with the service, you can. But if you don’t, you can cancel before you get charged!

Eno may not catch all of your free trials*, so we recommend that you still check your account regularly.

If the transaction, such as a tip that’s higher than usual, was not intentional, Eno can help you get started on reporting any purchases that you didn’t authorize. 

Most people have recurring charges set up like monthly bills, subscriptions, or in-app purchases. Sometimes when we set up automatic payments for our recurring charges, we may not notice if a charge suddenly changes.

Eno looks out for recurring charges on your credit card account and can notify you if it spots one that is different from the previous month’s charge. You’ll also get a notification when Eno spots annual renewal charges for things like wholesale memberships or annual subscriptions that are charged to your account.