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Allison Perkel and Maurice Leacock talk cloud computing trends with Forrester guest, Lauren Nelson

Software Engineering

When To Use GraphQL and How It Compares to REST

GraphQL as your new BFF (backend for frontend), AWS Appsync, and Apollo Server


Streamlining AWS Deployments with Python & Ansible Part I

The basics of Ansible and how to build a playbook


Celebrating the Engineering Might of our Women in Tech

10 articles by Capital One’s Women in Tech that you should read now!


Victoria Martins

Data Science Manager
"Merchant identification is at the heart of many of our data-enabled applications, including merchant binding for VCNs. Customers can use their credit card accounts to create multiple VCNs, which transact normally and work just like regular credit cards except that the customer can control the merchants at which VCNs can be used."
Fighting Fraud with Virtual Card Numbers

Madhuri "MJ" Jakkaraju

Sr Manager, Software Engineering, Card Inbound Payments
"Chaos Engineering is complementary to the static analysis and software testing you already perform for your application, with all the experiments conducted in a production-ready environment with end-user level workload. While software testing is typically binary with assertions either passing or failing, chaos testing is experimental in nature and generates new knowledge about a system under study."
5 Steps to Getting Your App Chaos Ready