Machine Learning and AI at Capital One

AI and Machine Learning at Capital One

Leveraging standardized cloud platforms for data management, model development, and operationalization, we use AI and ML to look out for our customers’ financial well-being, help them become more financially empowered, and better manage their spending.

Featured Machine Learning Articles and Applied Research Programs

Applied AI and machine learning

Graph Machine Learning

Graph ML

Using ML on nodes and edges of financial networks to more accurately identify fraud

Natural Language Processing


Teaching intelligent assistants to understand and generate natural language

explainable AI

Explainable AI

Creating transparency and ensuring fairness through explaining ML models

anomaly detection in artificial intelligence and machine learning

Anomaly Detection

Identifying changes in data to protect customers and adapt to fluctuating environments

data and privacy in artificial intelligence and machine learning

Data and Privacy

Developing models and techniques for protecting sensitive customer data

machine learning at scale

ML at Scale

Building systems to scale the entire model building and deployment process

Jennifer Chu

Software Engineer
"Machine learning is already enabling us to reduce friction and provide a topnotch experience for customers. When it comes to navigating and transacting in the online world, it will be important to continue finding ways to make it effortless while also helping people stay more secure and confident."

Working with leading universities to advance AI

We partner with the nation’s top universities to further research on AI/ML explainability, fairness and ethics.

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Techies attending an event

Tech events

AI/ML events

We sponsor and attend AI and ML conferences throughout the year. Check out where we were in 2023.

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Featured Machine Learning Articles

Machine Learning

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Exploring similarity search and graph embedding for finance