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Capital One showcase: Expert articles written by WIT leaders

This is a hub to showcase some of the best writing from our women engineers and people leaders. From the cloud to machine learning to software engineering, we’ve assembled a reading list of their work with a little something for everyone. So enjoy these interviews, tutorials, case studies, and best practices guides from Capital One’s women in tech.

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How technical skill development supports women in tech

Erika Voss, PhD, vice president of Capital One Software engineering platforms believes that supporting women in the tech industry requires a holistic approach that emphasizes equal access to training and leadership opportunities. By cultivating a culture of learning and growth, managers can empower team members to develop new skills and explore innovative technologies while fostering inclusivity. Check out these tips to cultivate a culture of growth.

Democratizing machine learning

Disha Singla, senior director of machine learning engineering, shares her career journey and what she and her team are doing to stay on the cutting edge of machine learning. See how Disha's team stays at the forefront of ML. 

Best practices: Configuring AWS Lambda SQS batch size

Distinguished engineer Sushma Onkar highlights best practices with examples for configuring Lambda SQS event source batch size so that you can increase efficiency and reduce costs. Learn Lambda best practices.

Emerging vector databases: A comprehensive introduction

Is your unstructured data proving difficult to search? Sonu Chopra-Khullar, distinguished machine learning engineer, along with her team of Capital One Tech interns, shares how vector databases and similarity search with kNN can assist search in complex data types. Get tips for your unstructured data.

Why use InnerSource when developing enterprise applications?

Do you want an endless pool of developers building your enterprise application features? Shikha Mehta, senior manager, software engineering, Acquisitions Modernization Program, explains why you should consider innersourcing while building enterprise applications. Learn more about InnerSourcing. 

How Capital One is using tech to make work (and life) easier

VP of HR tech Maureen Jules-Perez discusses how her team uses tech to improve the customer and associate experience - and the diversity, inclusion and belonging principles that guide their work. See how we are using tech to make work easier.

Leadership & career growth–5 strategies for women in tech

As women in tech, how can we develop the leadership skills necessary to build the inclusive tech industry of the future? Senior Manager of Software Engineering Madhuri "MJ" Jakkaraju shares 5 strategies for women in tech to develop their own careers, while helping bridge the gender gap in tech. Get career growth strategies.

Women in tech: An inclusive community for women technologists

Support, community and career development are all things that help tech professionals thrive. For Capital One technologists, the Women in Tech Business Resource Group helps create a space for women to grow their knowledge and forge connections across tech teams. Learn about our WIT BRG.

Doing the hard things first–lessons from our cloud journey

It’s been a few years since our cloud migration - and we’ve gained some takeaways from our journey. VP of software engineering Allison Perkel shares some of her reflections. Check out our cloud journey takeaways so far. 

Improving virtual card numbers with edge machine learning

Capital One customers have come to depend on Eno—our intelligent assistant—to check their bank balances, track purchases, pay bills online, and proactively monitor their accounts. Jennifer Chu, software engineer and Erik Mueller, senior director of machine learning engineering and senior distinguished machine learning engineer share how the Eno browser extension uses ML on device to read the DOM & pixel coordinates for a more accurate VCN experience. See how we're improving VCNs with edge machine learning.

Opportunity to innovation: How to create an exceptional machine learning team

Have you ever seen a new tech opportunity and dreamt about how to make it happen? Ming Waters, a senior director of data engineering, shares how she took her idea to create a Machine Learning team and made it a reality, all with Capital One’s support. Get tips to set up your ML team from scratch.

Continuing your career through a part-time mode

Myra, a senior manager for Capital One Tech, saw an opportunity to help more people find balance in their lives: create more part-time roles. So she spearheaded an initiative to make it happen, and helped design Capital One’s Part-Time Associate Program, which increases opportunities for flexible work schedules for our associates working in Tech. Continuing your career through a part-time mode.

A leader’s journey to connect with women in tech

Fueled by her passion for women’s empowerment and creating more opportunities for diverse representation in technology, Cat Posey, senior technology director in ML, created (and brought) the Tech by Superwomen Summit to Capital One. Learn more about the summit here. Read Cat's journey to connect with WIT. 

How templates can help you onboard–and keep–your users

Good documentation and happy developers go together like peanut butter and jelly. Follow these tips from software engineer Ariel Diamond to help ensure the templates you’re writing are effective and clear for any user to follow. Get tips for better templates.

How to bring diverse tech talent to the table

Knowing that STEM can sometimes be intimidating for underrepresented groups who aren’t used to seeing themselves reflected, Lisa, director of data engineering, shares her reflections on how leaders can empower young women to pursue a career in the field. Learn how to bring diverse tech talent to the table. 

Ah, so that’s what’s in my wallet!

Did someone say “chips and dip?!” software engineers Sahana Arya and Alana Alfeche break down how credit card EMV chip technology *actually* works. Learn about the tech behind our product. 

Ahead of the curve: Working with an innovated tech stack

For Usha, a career in computer science—and a passion for tech—allows her to innovate in her job, and give back to the next generation of coders. Get tips to stay ahead of the curve.

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