Keeping humanity at the forefront of AI with Humanity AI

On November 19 at the Capital One Auditorium in McLean, VA, Capital One’s design program will host Humanity AI, an open assembly to discuss new approaches and individual experiences in keeping humanity at the forefront of AI advancements. Data scientists, designers, engineers, teachers, social scientists, lawyers, product managers and all practitioners in the humanities are invited to join us. 


Inspiring and empowering non-traditional practitioners in ethical AI

We can’t ignore the close connection between AI advancements and deeply rooted social issues, and we can’t overlook the scale of its impact. Inevitably, machine learning technologies will continue to shape our experiences at an individual and societal level. The power of this tech - and the negative effects it can have - require deeply diversified perspectives and skill sets to keep human impact at the forefront of technological advancements. 

In the face of ubiquitous AI, non-traditional practitioners may not realize they have both the agency and the responsibility to engage in the process of seeking out and innovating solutions. Most surprisingly, the solutions don’t solely require a deep technical expertise in AI. We believe that answers to these challenges can come from anywhere, and that rich possibilities reside in the intersections between technology and the humanities.


What to expect

At Humanity AI, we’ll explore the challenges of democratization and underrepresentation in AI, learn about the era of diversification in the AI space, and discuss how to leverage a non-traditional background in an impactful way. Over the course of the event, we’ll hear from two kinds of speakers: 

  1. AI translators: Experts in AI/ML technologies who can speak about their work in an approachable way, with real examples to share about their experience; 
  2. Non-traditional practitioners: Folks from the social sciences, human-centered design, the arts, and legal experts working for economic justice who have already made an impact on how AI and ML technologies are implemented in their industries.

Who you’ll hear from

Amy Chou smiling with arms crossed

Amy Chou, AI4ALL 
Amy will discuss AI4ALL’s work dedicated to increasing diversity and inclusion in AI education, research, development, and policy. She’ll be joined by two AI4ALL alumni who will share about their experience and engagement in AI.

Kevin De Liban smiling in a suit and tie

Kevin De Liban, Legal Aid of Arkansas
Kevin will discuss his experience as a lawyer and advocate, leading the court cases against a flawed Arkansas state Medicaid algorithm. He will have a client with him who he represents and they will co-present on their experience and share how these algorithms have impacted them.

Kristian Simsarian smiling with pink flowers in the background

Kristian Simsarian, Humans for AI
Kristian will be talking about new work he is doing with Humans For AI, developing a curriculum that will bring more diverse women professionals into AI while also discussing the importance of AI policy.

De’Aira Bryant smiling in a blazer and white shirt

De’Aira Bryant, Georgia Institute of Technology
De’Aira will speak about her work creating emotionally intelligent robots for children, specifically discussing how such technology can help children with disabilities.

Helena Sarin smiling with sunglasses and a red scarf on

Helena Sarin, Visual Artist working with AI
Helena will go over her work and process as a GAN artist (creating art with Generative Adversarial Networks), as well as how she interacts and collaborates with the technology in this new and uncharted space. 

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