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We’re on a monumental tech journey, and we can’t achieve our goals without a diverse group of technologists. That’s why we’re thrilled to be sponsoring, participating, sharing, learning and elevating women at GHC 2022.

We are proud that Capital One was named 2022 Top Companies for Women Technologists, and we will continue making progress​ toward intersectional gender equity for our technologists.​ In honor of GHC, here’s everything you need to know so that you Never Stop Building On your GHC and professional development experience!


Our women in tech are making it happen: Find out what it’s like to work in tech at Capital One from the women who are making it happen.


Some banks count change. We create it.

At Capital One, innovation stems from sharing unique experiences, perspectives and ideas. Inspired to create a more equitable future for all, we're fueled by the belief that technology can revolutionize the financial industry. We're on a quest to push the boundaries of what banking can be, while supporting and investing in our people so everyone can flourish. Learn more about life at Capital One. 


Check out related content: From the cloud to machine learning to software engineering, we’ve assembled a reading list of work from our women in tech with a little something for everyone. A few of our favorites:

Do you want an endless pool of developers building your enterprise application features? Shikha Mehta, Senior Manager of Software Engineering, answers this and more in her post about InnerSource. Learn why you should consider InnerSourcing while building enterprise applications and best practices to do so. 

As women in tech, how can we develop the leadership skills necessary to build the inclusive tech industry of the future? According to Senior Manager of Software Engineering Madhuri "MJ" Jakkaraju women in tech can help develop their own careers, while helping bridge the gender gap in tech, by focusing on five areas of leadership.

Your wallet has a mini computer inside it running mini applications that securely process transactions during point-of-sale. Two of our software engineers, Sahana Arya and Alana Alfeche, break down the EMV chip technology in this post. 

More interviews, tutorials, case studies, and best practices guides from Capital One’s women in tech here.


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