Survey Reveals Common Data Management Challenges

Forrester survey of data management decision-makers showed new data management models necessary to operate in the cloud

Building and maintaining data centers is costly in the face of growing volumes of data. There is also significant overhead and required staffing that can be outside of a company’s core competency. With exponential data growth, data management decision-makers will need to implement new ways to manage data in the cloud and get the most value from it. But while operating in the cloud reaps many benefits, there will be challenges along the way that require responsible data management. 

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Capital One shared that new data management models are necessary to operate in the cloud. The survey of 157 data management decision-makers in North America showed that while many organizations have yet to manage most of their data on the cloud, these organizations will need to adopt new ways to manage their data and overcome the common challenges they will face on this journey.

In today’s market, organizations need to make better use of data to maximize operational efficiency and deliver the kinds of experiences customers expect. But doing that, especially in the cloud, requires a solid and effective data management foundation. By using better software tools, companies can unleash the power of the cloud, achieve true business success and make the lives of data management professionals easier along the way. 

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graphics highlighting data management challenges

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Patrick Barch, Senior Director of Product Management for Capital One Software

Patrick Barch is a Senior Director of Product Management for Capital One Software. In this role, he is responsible for delivering Capital One Slingshot, which enables business teams to easily adopt and manage Snowflake while meeting governance needs. He spent the last 4 years at Capital One building data platform experiences enabling Analyst and Scientist teams to more easily find, evaluate, use, and collaborate on data products.

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