Level Up with Capital One at AWS re:Invent 2022

Getting the most from the event

As you know, no serious tech journey is complete without getting some XP at AWS re:Invent. The speakers’ insights, the latest and greatest demos, the tips and tricks you amass from networking with peers are invaluable to accelerate your quest. So, we’re thrilled to be sponsoring, participating, sharing, learning and giving out a small truck-load of swag (while supplies last) as part of the re:Invent 2022 community. 

Here is just a small peek into our latest discoveries, insights and successes to help you level up in the cloud and achieve your goals. Game on. 


Learn how building in-house solutions on AWS led to launching Capital One Software, our new enterprise B2B software business.


We're fueled by the belief that technology can revolutionize the financial industry. Capital One is on a quest to push the boundaries of what banking can be. Our innovations are making banking better for tens of millions of our customers. And our innovations have the potential to make life better for many millions more beyond banking. See how… We’re Booth 2004 (right by the door). 


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Check out some of this year's speaker sessions! From the importance of operationalizing data mesh to architecture, security and scaling, our tech associates are sharing some great insights, a sort of “greatest hits” list in the spirit of learning from each other and leveling up.

Photos of Capital One speakers at AWS re:Invent 2022

Photos of Capital One speakers at AWS re:Invent 2022

Why Operationalizing Data Mesh is Critical for Operating in the Cloud (sponsored by Capital One) | Patrick Barch
Tue, 11/29, 11:00 AM-12:00 PM PT | Level 1, Terrace 151, MGM Grand
As companies look to scale in the cloud, they face new and unique challenges related to data management. Data mesh offers a framework and a set of principles that companies can adopt to help them scale a well-managed cloud data ecosystem. In this session, learn how Capital One approached scaling its data ecosystem by federating data governance responsibility to data product owners within their lines of business. Also hear how companies can operate more efficiently by combining centralized tooling and policy with federated data management responsibility. This presentation is brought to you by Capital One, an AWS Partner.

The Next Frontier: Driving Innovation with Platform Standardization (sponsored by Capital One) | Kathleen deValk, Jade Chu
Tue, 11/29, 2:00-3:00 PM | Level 1, Terrace 151, MGM Grand
How do you create an award-winning customer experience? Platforms can spark innovation, enhance your resiliency strategy, lower cloud costs, and become a crucial part of engineering culture. In this session, learn why platforms are key to technology strategy, what makes a platform successful, and what a platform ecosystem looks like. Dive deep into the key platform that drives Capital One’s digital banking and how it is powered by AWS technology. This presentation is brought to you by Capital One, an AWS Partner.

Practical Experience with a Serverless-first Strategy at Capital One | George Mao, Heeki Park
Tues, 11/29, 2:00-3:00 PM PT | Level 1, Encore Ballroom 5, Encore
In this session, Capital One shares concrete examples of how they have implemented Serverless patterns, challenges they have faced, and the best practices and tips they’ve learned from operating Lambda at scale in production. We’ll also dive deep on scaling Lambda with various event sources, considerations of event source integrations, observability at scale, and failure handling mechanisms.

Building Modern Apps: Architecting for Observability & Resilience | Will Meyer
Tue, 11/29, 2:00-3:00 PM PT | Level 5, Palazzo Ballroom B, Venetian
Cloud computing is transforming architecture design and application delivery at organizations across the world. As cloud architectures evolve, new design patterns are essential. Architecting for resilience, observability, security, and emerging trends serve as the foundation that enable builders to innovate, optimize their workloads, and scale adoption over time. In this session, you’ll hear from AWS customers and cloud experts on their proven architecture best practices, tools, and blueprints for reliability, observable workloads, and modernizing applications in AWS.

Creating Remote Work Environments that Optimize Security and Productivity | Joshua Hartwig, Melissa Stein (Amazon)
Tues, 11/29, 2:00-3:00 PM PT | Level 2 South, Oceanside D, Mandalay Bay
Remote work creates a number of challenges for organizations that need to secure their data on end user devices while improving employee experience. In this session, learn about ways to use virtual desktop infrastructure in the cloud with Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0. These services can help keep your data in the data center while also providing high-performance, low-latency architectures to keep your employees happy and productive.

Cash is Alive: How Technology has Enabled Phygital at Scale | Radha Sankaran, Aram Ter-Minassian
Wed, 11/30, 8:30-9:30 AM PT | Level 1, Grand 120, MGM Grand
Architectural planning is a necessity at the beginning of any major development effort, especially with vendor integrations. In this session, you’ll learn how Capital One has leveraged key technology integrations in the public AWS cloud to enable cash depositing access for Customers at all CVS locations. Cash continues to be a part of Americans lives’ nationwide and satisfying those needs in a digital world presents its own unique challenges. We’ll discuss the uniqueness of building “phygital” experiences, the importance of architectural planning and how that is all powered by AWS.

Lightning Talk: Benefiting from Chaos Engineering at Capital One (sponsored by Capital One) | Kyle Smith
Wed, 11/30, 1:00-1:15 PM PT | Lightening Theater 1, Booth #435, Expo Hall
Adopting chaos engineering as part of your cloud resiliency program is crucial to truly understanding an application resiliency posture and proactively increasing stability for critical applications. In this session, learn how Capital One uses chaos engineering to improve resiliency postures in production. The session covers key requirements for creating a successful chaos resiliency practice focused on testing real-world failure scenarios on the AWS Cloud. This presentation is brought to you by Capital One, an AWS Partner.

Achieving Developer Productivity in the Cloud at Capital One (sponsored by Accenture) | Mark Mathewson, Gautam Chugh (Accenture)
Wed, 11/30, 2:30-3:30 PM PT | Lido 3106, Venetian
Every technology leader wants to achieve productivity across their software engineering organization. Yet historically, it has been a notoriously tricky task—especially given the industry’s speed of evolution and the complexities of working in the cloud. In this session, cloud experts from Capital One and Accenture explore the cloud journey with a focus on productivity, communication, and collaboration that utilizes AWS and cloud-native capabilities. Learn how technology leaders can unlock productivity across their organizations by aligning software development to business goals, and ultimately speed development of new customer features. This presentation is brought to you by Accenture, an AWS Partner.

Snowflake Booth: How Capital One Prevented Unexpected Costs and Cut Compute Costs by 27% | Ana Matei
Thur, 12/1, 11:00-11:20 AM PT | Snowflake Booth, Expo Hall
The flexibility of Snowflake helps companies like Capital One unlock access to its data with performance that can scale infinitely and instantly for any workload. But this can also create a unique challenge for large organizations with thousands of users - the large majority of whom​ are not proficient in SQL optimization. When lines of business manage their own compute requests and configuration, it can lead to unexpected costs. Over the last two years, we have identified some common inefficient patterns of usage and how to remediate them in near real time. In this session, we will discuss what we learned and best practices for optimizing and predicting Snowflake costs so you can scale your Snowflake usage in an efficient and controlled way.

Proactive Governance and Compliance for AWS Workloads | Steve Davis 
Thur, 12/1 12:30-1:30 PM PT | Level 1, Lafite 5, Wynn
Maintaining governance and compliance can be a manual, time-intensive process that prevents enabling self-service and automation at scale. In this session, learn how NextEra Energy & Capital One enable automation and self-service at-scale with AWS CloudOps services. Explore how to activate controls with AWS Config, AWS CloudFormation, AWS Service Catalog, AWS Systems Manager, and AWS Service Management Connector to help you maintain compliance and scale with production-ready workloads and resources.

How Capital One Accelerates Innovation with AWS Databases | Preston Burroughs and Geetha Gopal
Thur, 12/1 3:30-4:30 PM PT | Level 3, Chairmans 370, MGM Grand
Capital One has been a disrupter in the financial services industry since 1994, using technology to transform banking and payments. As part of their digital transformation journey, Capital One adopted several purpose-built AWS databases to help manage data at a large scale and accelerate innovation. Join this session to learn how CapitalOne uses databases such as Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility), Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon Relational Database Service to scale the digital experiences their customers want. You will also learn best practices and migration guidance along the way.

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