Generational wealth: Life as an empty nester

Julie Voris is a recent empty nester. Find out what her plans are for the future.

Julie Voris is a fitness and nutrition coach. She helps thousands of women around the world make healthier choices and change their lives, one day at a time. Learn more about Julie, and see how she uses her passion for fitness to build a legacy for her three daughters.

Julie is an entrepreneur, a fitness fanatic and a dog lover. But above all else, she’s a mom to three beautiful daughters. And now that Julie’s youngest daughter has left for college, she’s adjusting to living kid-free for the first time in almost two decades.

“I think I feel the empty nest energy differently,” Julie said. “It is a realization of how quickly time passes. There’s a quieter energy in the house now that they’re gone.”

But Julie’s not planning on slowing down just because it’s quieter around the house. Her fitness business is still growing, and she and her husband, Jeff, have big plans for their future.

“We would really like a second home,” Julie said. “I want to travel. I want to go to Europe. There are so many options out there.”

The best part of being empty nesters—aside from fewer towels on the bathroom floor? Julie and her husband have time to explore all those options.

“What’s shifted is the amount of space that I have in my brain to think about other stuff,” Julie said.

Between online coaching, speaking on podcasts and teaching live classes, Julie’s days are still packed with activity—even without kids around. Learn more about Julie’s day-to-day life as an entrepreneur, and find out how she gets it all done.

Life as an Entrepreneur

Learn more about Julie's day-to-day life as a fitness expert and entrepreneur.

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