Generational wealth: Life as an entrepreneur

Julie’s daily life as a mom and a fitness entrepreneur.

Julie Voris is a fitness and nutrition coach. She helps thousands of women around the world make healthier choices and change their lives, one day at a time. Learn more about Julie, and see how she uses her passion for fitness to build a legacy for her three daughters.

Julie spent the past decade building a successful career as an entrepreneur. But how does a mother of three manage to take her passion for fitness and turn it into a thriving business? By never stopping.

“I don’t really slow down, because I really don’t want to,” Julie said.

That spirit is infused into everything she does, according to her daughter Jessy.

“She’s very active all day,” Jessy said. “She’s always doing something. And even if she’s working, she’s standing up working. She’s always up. She’s always on the go.”

Slowing down would be hard with everything Julie has going on. When she’s not teaching classes, you can find her podcasting, planning with other coaches and talking with customers. By staying active and aligning her vision, goals and gratitude, Julie says she’s found a way to create the career—and life—she wants.

And now she’s ready for more.

“I don’t want to get to the end of my life and [think], ‘Oh, I could have, or I wish I would have,’” Julie said. “So I want to take every opportunity and every option there is to explore.”

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