Generational wealth: Building a balanced life

How one woman used her passion for fitness to change her family’s life forever.

Julie Voris is a fitness and nutrition coach. She helps thousands of women around the world make healthier choices and change their lives, one day at a time. Learn more about Julie, and see how she uses her passion for fitness to build a legacy for her three daughters.

When Julie and her husband, Jeff, moved to a new town, it wasn’t an easy adjustment. They had three young daughters, Jeff was traveling for work all the time, and they were struggling to pay the bills.  

Julie used her daily workouts to help her cope with the stress. Then, she had her lightbulb moment. 

“If I could work out, the rest of the day I could kind of handle with a little bit more patience and a little bit more focus,” Julie said. “I thought, well, there are other women who need this too.”

She took her passion for fitness and ran with it. Julie built a successful business coaching thousands of women around the world on fitness and nutrition. 

Balancing saving and spending

As Julie’s business grew, she realized she needed help managing her finances. So Julie hired an accountant who helped her save for the future. Another one of her goals was setting money aside to spend on making memories with her husband and daughters.

“I think there’s no sense in saving every single cent that you ever make and not creating any experiences with your family,” Julie said. “[Kids] don’t know how much it costs to go on vacation, but they know the memories. That’s the fabric of their childhood. And you have to spend some money to do that.”

Building a legacy

The whole family recently took a trip to Paris. But saving for the future never left Julie’s mind. 

“I want to save enough to create a legacy for them so that their children’s lives might be different too,” Julie said. “And there becomes this beautiful ripple effect.”

Julie’s youngest daughter left for college recently. And Julie is proud that her success as an entrepreneur—along with some smart money management—allows her to pay for her daughter’s tuition.

“What started out as that little fitness thing has grown into something that has shaped and changed our lives.”

What’s next for Julie now that she’s an empty nester? Learn more about Julie’s plans for her future now that her kids are out of the house. 

What's Next for Julie?

Learn what Julie has planned now that she's an empty nester.

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