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Your Next Move

Capital One Business and Inc. are proud to present Your Next Move, a co-curated live event series where we sit down with today’s most forward-thinking business leaders to answer your questions.

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Diversifying Your Product Portfolio and Breaking Into New Markets

How Christina Tosi Built her Milk Bar Multi-Channel Empire

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A Serial Entrepreneur’s Guide to The Pivot

How Dawn Dickson Navigates the Ups and Downs of Entrepreneurship

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JUNE 2023

From Banker to Bootstrapper — Funding Your Company in a Sustainable Way

How Luminary’s Cate Luzio Self Funded Her Business

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APRIL 2023

Quitting Your Day Job for Your Passion

How Briogeo’s Nancy Twine turned her beauty side gig into a major brand at Sephora

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MARCH 2023

Can We Stop Obsessing Over Failure?

How Ring's Jamie Siminoff Navigated Failure to Achieve Great Success


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