A Taste of Oxford, Mississippi With Chef Vishwesh Bhatt

Explore Oxford with James Beard 2019 Regional Best Chef Vishwesh Bhatt

As part of Capital One’s on-going partnership with the James Beard Foundation, Capital One cardholders get year-round access to special events and dining experiences. “A Regional Taste” provides a one-of-a-kind culinary tour of the hometowns of five recent James Beard Regional Best Chef award winners. Join host and chef Antonia Lofaso for this five-city tour that concludes with the chefs coming together to prepare a Capital One cardholder dinner at the James Beard House.

In this episode of “A Regional Taste,” host and chef Antonia Lofaso joins James Beard 2019 Regional Best Chef Vishwesh Bhatt in his hometown of Oxford, Mississippi. This episode was recorded prior to February 2020.

Oxford is a small town with a rich history. It’s also the home of Vishwesh Bhatt, a 2019 Regional Best Chef award winner and executive chef at Snackbar, a bistro and bar featuring traditional Southern ingredients infused with the spices and flavors of India. Born in India, Bhatt moved to Oxford when he was in his teens and got his start in the restaurant business in the city. Today he shares his favorite spots in his hometown, including a bookstore, a local bar and his own restaurant.

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