How Capital One Travel helps you travel smarter

Learn how Capital One Travel finds you its best prices and makes travel more flexible.

Capital One Travel has launched a smarter travel-booking experience with a travel tech partner, Hopper.

Here are some things to know about how Capital One Travel helps you find its best prices.

How Capital One Travel price prediction works

Capital One Travel partners with Hopper to collect billions of data points on real flight prices every day. 

An expert data science team then develops algorithms to analyze flight pricing trends. The algorithms predict how flight prices will fluctuate based on what they’ve done in the past. And Capital One Travel uses that data to power flight recommendations and price watch alerts. 

When you search for a flight on Capital One Travel, you’ll have the option to book now or wait for a better price. Then, the price prediction tool recommends the best time to book your flight. And that can help you save an average of 15% on flights. 

You can also set a price alert on a flight you’re interested in. Capital One Travel watches the flight 24/7 and emails you when it’s the best time to book. Keep in mind that with so many factors impacting prices, no prediction tool can be 100% accurate.

How far in advance does Capital One Travel predict prices?

It’s a good idea to set up your price watches as early as possible. 

But Capital One Travel may not send you any notifications for a while if the itinerary you’re looking at is further out. That way, you’ll only get emails when there’s helpful information to share. And you can turn price watches off at any time.

You can view the price prediction terms and conditions to learn more. 

How price drop protection works

If you’re looking at flights and the price prediction tool recommends that you book now, you’ll get the free price drop protection. That means Capital One Travel keeps monitoring the price of the flight after you buy it for 10 days. And if it drops, Capital One Travel will give you up to $50 in travel credit for the difference. 

When you receive a travel credit from Capital One Travel, you’ll get an email confirming the amount. You then have the option to apply your travel credit toward the cost of your future bookings at checkout. You can see your total travel credit balance at any time by navigating to my travel credits and offers. You can find information about price drop protection in your ticket confirmation email too. 

View the price drop protection terms and conditions to learn more.

How to get Capital One Travel’s best prices

Price matching after you book

If you find a better price for a flight, hotel or rental car on another site within 24 hours of booking with Capital One Travel, you can get a travel credit for the difference.

Simply call Capital One Travel at 844-422-6922 to submit a price match claim with the customer support team. If the agent can verify the lower price while on the phone with you, you’ll get a travel credit for the price difference.

If the Capital One Travel support team can’t verify the lower price during the call, they’ll start an offline review and get back to you. 

Here are some more things to keep in mind when requesting a price match reimbursement: 

  • The itinerary has to be an exact match to the booking you made on Capital One Travel. 
  • You have to submit your claim within 24 hours of making your original reservation.
  • The price of the new itinerary must be available to the general public at the time of review without using any coupons, promotions or member discounts. 
  • The price has to be in U.S. dollars, including all taxes and fees.

You can view the price match guarantee terms and conditions to learn more.

Lowest hotel prices before you book

Capital One Travel proactively adjusts its hotel rates to match or beat other travel sites, to help you get the best available price. 

And you don’t need to do anything to make sure you’re getting Capital One Travel's best price. Just book confidently knowing that Capital One Travel’s rates for a given hotel are the same or better than what you’ll find for a comparable room elsewhere. 

You can view the terms and conditions for Capital One Travel’s lowest hotel prices to learn more.

Freeze the price of a flight

Want a little extra time before you decide to book a flight? For some flights offered through Capital One Travel, you can “freeze” the price for a specific period of time by paying a small fee. Freezing the price of a flight will give you some extra time to plan your trip—and you won’t have to stress about the price potentially going up.

When you freeze the price of the flight, Capital One Travel will hold that price for you until the expiration date of your frozen price. That expiration date will be given to you before completing your purchase.

If the price of the flight increases after you freeze it (and before your frozen price expires), Capital One Travel will cover any fare increase up to your maximum refund limit. And if the price goes down, you’ll pay the current lower price.

If you’re ready to book your flight for the price you froze—or if you want to view the price you’ve frozen and the date it expires—simply:

  • Sign in to Capital One Travel.
  • Visit the “My Trips” page.
  • Select the “Frozen Prices” tab.
  • Click “Complete Booking.”
  • From there, ensure the details are correct and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete your booking.

If your frozen price has not expired but the flight is no longer available, Capital One Travel will give you the option to get a refund for the amount you paid to freeze it. Or if there are similar flights available, Capital One Travel might suggest those as an option for you to book instead. 

Similar flights will have the exact same dates, origin and destination as the flight you froze. As long as it hasn’t expired, your frozen price will still be honored if you choose to book a similar flight. Capital One Travel will also cover the price difference up to the maximum refund amount that was specified when you froze the price. 

A few more things that are good to know:

  • Frozen prices expire. The expiration date and time are specified when you pay to freeze the price, and you can see them in the Frozen Prices tab of the My Trips page any time. If you decide to book the flight after the frozen price expires, you’ll pay the airline’s current price. 
  • You’ll receive a confirmation email when you freeze a flight price. The email will specify your maximum refund amount as well as the expiration date and time of your frozen price. 
  • The frozen price is valid only for the number of passengers you indicated when you paid to freeze the price. 
  • If you freeze the price for multiple passengers, you’ll need to book for all the passengers in order to purchase your tickets at the frozen price. For example, if you freeze the price for five passengers, you must book for all five. And if fewer than five seats are available, the flight is considered unavailable for you to book. 
  • Due to airline contracts, Capital One Travel unfortunately can’t support any bookings in which the only traveler is younger than 18 years old. This means you can’t book a frozen trip price for a minor traveling alone.
  • Except in cases in which the frozen itinerary is canceled by the airline or sells out, the fee to freeze the price is nonrefundable. This means the fee to freeze is nonrefundable if you end up deciding not to book the flight.
  • The frozen price will only be applied if you book the flight through the Frozen Prices tab under the My Trips page or if you select the exact same flight from a new search through Capital One Travel. 
  • If the price of the flight increases before your frozen price expires, Capital One Travel will cover the fare difference up to your maximum refund limit. This limit is noted in your frozen price confirmation email. If the price of the flight you froze has dropped, you’ll simply pay the lower price if you decide to book.

You can view the terms and conditions for frozen flight prices to learn more.

Cancel your flight for any reason

Capital One Travel doesn’t just help you find its best prices. Looking for a way to make your travel booking more flexible? You can add the option to cancel your flight for any reason, for a small fee paid at the time of booking. 

When you add this option, you can cancel your flight—with no penalties—up to a set time within 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure. If you choose to cancel within this window, Capital One Travel will issue a refund to your original payment method—whether you paid with your Capital One credit card, your rewards or a combination of the two.

The specific refund amount—typically 70-90% of the ticket price—will be listed when you purchase the option to cancel for any reason, and it can vary by flight. After exercising your option to cancel within the cancellation window, you should see the refund within one or two billing cycles.

Sometimes, you’ll also have the option to choose an airline credit worth 100% of your original ticket cost instead of the 70-90% refund through Capital One Travel. Airline credit availability depends on the airline’s policies. If you’ve purchased the option to cancel for any reason and you choose the airline credit, Capital One Travel will still cover any related cancellation or rebooking fees.

How to cancel your flight

Canceling is easy! Simply follow these steps:

  • Sign in to Capital One Travel.
  • Visit the “My Trips” page. 
  • Go to the “Upcoming Trips” tab.
  • Find the flight you’d like to cancel, select “Cancel Flight” and follow the on-screen steps. If you’ve added the option to cancel your flight for any reason, look for the button that says “Cancel for Any Reason.” Just be sure to cancel before the specified cut off time before your first scheduled departure. Remember: After the deadline passes, you will not be able to exercise your option to cancel without penalty.

Keep in mind that for some bookings, you may need to cancel directly with the airline. If you don’t see the option to cancel through Capital One Travel, please call the Capital One Travel support team at 844-422-6922.

What else you should know about the option to cancel your flight for any reason

Here are some things to keep in mind about the option to cancel your flight for any reason: 

  • All credits or refunds are subject to terms and conditions.
  • The cost of the option to cancel your flight varies depending on the trip that you're booking. But pricing will always be displayed before completing your purchase.
  • The amount you pay for the option to cancel is nonrefundable, even if you cancel your trip for a full refund within the free cancellation window.

Have other questions? Find all the information you need about Capital One Travel refunds, flights, hotels, rental cars and more. 

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