Paribus 101: How It Works

Learn about the free service from Capital One® that makes it easy to save money after you buy online

It happens all the time. You make a purchase, get your stuff and then a big ol’ price drop reduces the cost to a fraction of what you paid. Really stings your wallet, right?

Luckily, there are ways to get back some of that cash. Retailers often have policies that offer refunds if prices drop after you buy. But when’s the last time a retailer tracked you down to notify you about a potential refund?

And there’s the catch—you have to do all the work. That means taking time away from your busy schedule and the things that actually matter—family, friends, relaxation—to watch prices, call retailers and fill out forms online. 

Or you could just let Paribus do it for you.

What Is Paribus?

Paribus is a free service from Capital One® that helps you get money back after you buy. It does all the heavy lifting and takes action to help you get money back. 

You don’t need a credit card to use Paribus. As long as you made the purchase online from one of the merchants Paribus monitors, regardless of how you paid, Paribus will keep an eye on it. Here’s where it saves you money:

Price Drops

Sick of price drops costing you precious green after you shop? After you make a purchase, Paribus monitors the retailer’s site for lower prices. When a price does drop, Paribus will file a refund request on your behalf or help you contact the retailer to get back the difference.

Late Deliveries

Did your “next-day” delivery not show up the next day? Paribus knows when your packages should be delivered. If Paribus detects a late arrival, it’ll send you an alert. From there, you can contact the retailer to get back those extra pennies you shelled out for that not-so-fast delivery. 


Tired of getting stuck with a dud purchase because you got busy and the return date passed? Paribus tracks when you bought things and checks them against the retailer’s return policy. As the deadline approaches, Paribus sends you an alert along with return instructions—saving you a chunk of change and some space in your closet. 

How Does Paribus Work?

It’s pretty simple. Paribus uses your inbox to watch your purchases and deliveries from the merchants it monitors. It then looks for opportunities to save you money. Paribus has already found people more than $29 million in potential savings—not too shabby.

Here’s how the process works:  

1. Paribus Connects With Your Inbox

Once you allow Paribus to scan your emails, it’ll start helping you save. Don’t worry—Paribus looks only at emails related to purchases. And it doesn’t store your email password. 

Paribus currently works with Gmail, Yahoo and Microsoft email addresses. If you’re using something different, just forward your purchase confirmations to a Paribus-linked inbox, and Paribus will take care of the rest.

2. Paribus Monitors Your Purchases

Paribus goes to work monitoring all the stuff you buy online, tracking purchase dates, prices and return deadlines. Paribus monitors more than 25 online retailers, including sites like Walmart, Target and Amazon. And Paribus is constantly working to add more of your favorites. 

3. Paribus Saves You Money

Once Paribus spots a savings opportunity, it takes action to get your money back—reminding yout to file refund requests or contact retailers directly, or sending you alerts about price drops, late deliveries and returns. 

Refunds are usually received three to seven days after the retailer confirms the price adjustment. And in most cases, refunds are repaid to your original form of payment. 

How Do I Get Paribus?

Getting Paribus is a snap. It takes only about a minute to set up—and you don’t have to download or install anything. Here’s how you do it:  

  1. Visit the Paribus site.
  2. Sign in with your Gmail, Yahoo or Microsoft email account. 
  3. Allow Paribus to monitor purchases in your inbox.

That’s it! Paribus will immediately start looking for ways to get you money back—no strings attached. You take home 100% of all potential savings—with no hidden fees.

Just because you don’t have time to chase refunds doesn’t mean you should miss out on them. So go ahead and try Paribus out. It’s free for anyone to use and takes only a minute to set up. Your time and money are certainly worth it.

We hope you found this helpful. Our content is not intended to provide legal, investment or financial advice or to indicate that a particular Capital One product or service is available or right for you. For specific advice about your unique circumstances, consider talking with a qualified professional.

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