Manage your hotel booking

Learn more about managing hotel bookings on Capital One Travel and get answers to frequently asked questions.

Manage your hotel booking

Learn more about managing hotel bookings on Capital One Travel and get answers to frequently asked questions.

Cancel a hotel reservation

Need to cancel a hotel reservation booked through Capital One Travel? To request a cancellation for your hotel reservation, sign in to Capital One Travel and visit the My Trips page.

1. To find the My Trips page, click the menu button in the top right-hand corner.

2. Select My Trips

3. Click on the trip you’d like to cancel.

4. Select Cancel Hotel Reservation and follow the on-screen steps.

Since hotel cancellation policies vary, we recommend that you review the hotel's policy before you cancel your reservation. You can find the cancellation policies within your booking details in My Trips or in your confirmation email under the Restrictions section. 

After you request a cancellation and it’s processed, Capital One Travel will send you an email confirmation.

Changing a hotel booking

Capital One Travel can’t change your hotel booking.  If your booking is refundable, you can always cancel and rebook online at Capital One Travel or by phone at 844-422-6922. 


Keep in mind that any change requests are subject to the hotel’s availability, and you may be required to pay cancellation or change fees, depending on the hotel’s policy. 

How hotel refunds work

All eligible hotel refunds are sent back to the original payment method. You typically receive your refund within one or two billing cycles. 


Here’s how refunds works by payment method: 

  • Capital One rewards only: Your refund will be returned entirely as rewards. 

  • Credit card only: Your refund will be issued back to your card account. 

  • A combination of rewards and your credit card: You’ll be refunded in both rewards and on your credit card, proportionally to how you originally paid. Here’s an example: If your original payment was 60% on your credit card and 40% rewards, a $100 refund would be returned as $60 credit to your card and $40 worth of rewards. 

  • Capital One travel credit: If you used a travel credit to pay for some or all of your booking, you’ll receive that same amount back in travel credit for future use. If a purchase made using an annual travel credit is canceled after the expiration date of the credit, the credit will not be restored.


Need more help? Check out all Capital One Travel help topics or give us a call at 844-422-6922.

If you want to extend your stay, you can make an additional reservation at the same hotel, subject to the hotel’s availability. In some cases, the hotel may be able to link the reservations so you don’t have to change rooms in the middle of your stay.

For security reasons, Capital One Travel can’t change a name on your hotel booking. However, some hotels will let you add a name to an existing booking.

If you’d like to add a name to your reservation, call Capital One Travel at 844-422-6922. Make sure to have your confirmation number handy. Then, Capital One Travel will reach out to the hotel on your behalf.

Keep in mind that the person who checks in at the hotel will have to provide an ID and a credit card for any incidental charges.

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