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Keeps tabs on your financial health by checking your credit score regularly. This can help you track the impact of financial decisions, influence plans for the future and help you stay ahead of fraudulent activity.


Free for everyone

You don't have to be a Capital One customer to enroll in Creditwise. Check your credit score whenever you want and learn more about your score.


Lock down your data

CreditWise protects your data with leading security protocols like 256-but end-to-end encryption. Valuable features include dark web monitoring alerts, right away, if your sensitive information is detected on the dark web.


Anytime, anywhere access

Use the CreditWise mobile app to access your free score 24/7. With biometrics and two-factor authentication, you have more options to securely sign in. 



Know Your Credit Score

CreditWise shows your recent VantageScore® 3.0 credit score from TransUnion. You'll be able to keep tabs on your credit score and receive alerts when there are important changes to your credit report.


Get Alerts When Your Credit Report Changes

With dual bureau monitoring of TransUnion and Experian, CreditWise gives you real-time alerts when your credit report changes. Effortlessly keep tabs on your credit health to protect your identity and score.1


Work on your score

Your detailed and personalized credit summary from CreditWise helps you understand your score and build credit health. Your credit summary is a great starting point for specific advice to build your creditworthiness. 


Try the Credit Simulator

CreditWise can't predict the future, but we can help you understand how your financial choices may impact your score. Simulate some scenarios so you have more information for your overall credit strategy.



Your free credit report is waiting for you

At Capital One, we believe in empowering people with tools to effectively manage their financial lives. That's why CreditWise is free and available for everyone. As long as you are an adult residing in the US, have a Social Security number and a report on file with TransUnion, you're ready to enjoy these free, easy and secure features.

How to Access Your Free Credit Report with CreditWise

Start by downloading the CreditWise app from Google Play (for Android devices) or the iOS App Store (for Apple devices). Search “CreditWise” and look for the app that says “CreditWise from Capital One.” You’ll know you’ve found it when you see our logo: a red half-circle with blue dots above it.

Once the app is installed, you’ll click Sign Up on the screen. You may then see a Let’s Get Started message that encourages you to give the app permissions on your phone. These are necessary to safeguard your account. If you want to learn more, click Why? on the screen.

When you’re done reading, click Ok. The Let’s Get Started screen will reappear—click Ok again and then click Allow on the permission popup.

After allowing app permissions, you’ll enter your first and last name and your email address. Read the disclosure that appears (explaining that some features may not be available if your information doesn’t match what’s on your credit report), then click Continue.

On the next screen, you’ll enter your birthdate, Social Security number, phone number and home address. Remember—all of your information is protected.

When you enter your information, the terms of service and privacy policy should appear. Review them carefully before agreeing to them, then click Locate My Credit Info.

Now is when you verify your identity for security purposes and to let us locate your credit information. Follow the prompts on the screen, which may include entering identifying information from previous tax records or uploading copies of your ID documents.

When your identity has been verified, you’ll finish creating your account—such as setting a password—and will have instant access to your free online credit report.

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