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Stay ahead of score changes with our Credit Score Simulator

Use this interactive tool to test how different scenarios – like paying a credit card balance – might affect your credit score. Knowing how certain actions could impact your score can help you establish, maintain and build credit for more financial stability. 



Test out financial decisions first

Life is full of financial milestones, and the Credit Score Simulator can help you take action with fewer surprises. If you're asking yourself any of these questions, this free interactive tool is for you:

  • Will adding a car loan or a mortgage change your credit score?
  • How long does it take to rebuild your credit with a record of on-time payments?
  • If the spending limit on one of your credit cards changes, will that affect your score?
  • Which debt should I pay off first to have the biggest impact on my credit score?
  • How would my score change if I had to make a late payment?
  • What would the impact be to my score if I opened a new credit card?



Why the Credit Score Simulator works accurately

While there's no guarantee the Simulator will sync up with your exact score, it's a great tool to see how different financial actions may influence your credit. Thats because the Simulator uses information from your real credit report, so its results are customized to your actual financial profile and built on predictive modeling. You get a good gauge of the causes and effects on your overall financial health.

How the Credit Score Simulator calculates your score

The formulas for calculating credit scores by the three major bureaus are complicated and frequently changing. CreditWise uses your existing credit report to assess how a new action may affect your score. Factors that impact your score include on-time payment history, age of credit, how much credit line you're using and recent inquiries or applications.1



Sign up

Download the CreditWise app or sign up here for free. Capital One customers can sign in to access CreditWise as part their existing account.


Find the tool

Click on the "Credit Simulator" section on your home screen or look for the "Improve" section on the CreditWise app. 


Choose an action

From the menu, pick what action to simulate, so CreditWise can calculate a new potential score based on what’s available to us in your credit report.1

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