Koya Webb’s Daily Playlist: 5 Self-Care Listening Remedies

Holistic wellness coach Koya Webb shares her listening methods for college students to stay motivated this semester

Self-care means many things to many people. For some, self-care is equivalent to a mental health day or attending regular therapy sessions. For others, it might mean a daily journal entry, binge-watching a favorite streaming show or jamming out to a music playlist on a morning run. 

Holistic wellness coach Koya Webb has dedicated her life to practicing and promoting daily self-care to inspire mental, emotional and physical health. The term “holistic” is especially crucial to Webb and how she defines her practice. “I have found that it is important to take a holistic approach to wellness and find ways to address all dimensions of wellness in your day-to-day.”

The Link Between Financial Well-Being & Self-Care 

Webb believes that one of the most overlooked parts of self-care is establishing smart money habits to achieve financial well-being. She’s partnered with Capital One and the Journey Student Credit Card to help educate college students about the importance of personal wellness and financial education, and inspire a sense of optimism about their future. 

“Financial health and mental health are so intimately tied, and oftentimes our financial well-being is forgotten in the midst of the many transitions from college to career,” says Webb. She suggests that college students think of their financial well-being as a foundation that, when fortified with financial education and best practices, can help them to maintain optimal health and grant a sense of freedom to pursue happiness. 

College students can build their financial foundation by starting their credit journey. Credit can be key to establishing financial independence and is needed for many things in life, like applying for an apartment or financing a car. When used responsibly, a card like the Journey Student Credit Card from Capital One may help students start a credit history to build on in the future.

Building a strong financial foundation can not only benefit ourselves, but also the world around us. “When we are abundant, we can multiply this abundance and share what we’ve learned with others,” says Webb. “I love the quote that says, ‘Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.’ By consciously spending, saving, and giving from your own abundance, you are casting a vote for yourself, and contributing to the kind of world you want to see around you.” 

However, Webb knows this is harder than it sounds, especially for college students just starting to set their personal, professional and financial goals. 

“Sometimes we lose inspiration or motivation on our journey to build healthy habits, or something happens in our lives that throws us off course,” says Webb. “That’s why I encourage college students to find their “go-to” playlist to drive ambition, discipline and creativity that will help them organize their goals, and stay focused on accomplishing the necessary tasks in the short-term that will lead to long-term results and success.

Koya Webb’s “Top Five” Self-Care Listening Remedies  

For college students looking for inspiration to stay focused on their goals this spring semester, Webb shared her “top five” favorite things on her daily playlist. 

  1. Koya’s “Get Loved Up” Podcast: Webb is a big fan of sharing ideas on wellness, self-care, social justice, and eco-friendly living with others, and her podcast aims to do just that. Tune in for interviews around everything from living your purpose, making the impact you were born for, reinventing your finances, and more. 
  2. My Spotify “Walking Playlist”: Webb’s go-to playlist on her morning mile. “I believe that the way you start your morning sets the stage for your entire day,” says Webb. “Every morning I begin with intention. Whether it is through meditation, journaling, or yoga. I also move my body with a mile a day (walking, running, or a yoga flow). This playlist helps keep my energy up while exercising and keeps me energized for the day!” Especially in a virtual learning environment, it’s easy to quickly get screen-fatigued. Between classes, assignments and studying, the hours spent in front of a screen really rack up so Webb recommends setting time aside each day to move your body. 
  3. Alicia Keys’ “As I Am” Album: Name an artist who creates more soulful music than Alicia Keys? (We’ll wait.) Webb regards Keys’ music as the platinum example of inspirational tunes when they’re most needed; “her music is storytelling and touches on all the emotions of being human.” 
  4. India Arie’s “Voyage to India” Album: “When I want to be brought back to my highest self, purpose, and intention, I listen to India Arie. She shares so much light, joy, and spirit in her music.” Webb suggests this album could possibly help inspire college students to mentally re-set ahead of midterms. 
  5. Solfeggio Tones/Binaural Beats: Solfeggio frequencies and binaural beats are specific tones that provide various health benefits to body and mind on both a conscious and subconscious level. They are often used in music therapy or for sound healing, and for this reason, Webb says it’s a must-have for her daily listening habits. For students, these beats are great options for long study sessions. But if you do lean in, Webb recommends that they’re most powerful with headphones. 

Pro Tip: For those who love to stream their favorite playlists in addition to shows, movies, books and more, Capital One has added new benefits to the Journey Student Credit Card for students, including a $60 streaming service statement credit when paying on time.

“I hope this playlist brings you resolution and purpose,” says Webb. “No matter what financial situation you find yourself in, know that there is always a path for you to find freedom, well-being, and abundance. Take small steps and set big goals, and know that your commitment to your financial and holistic health will benefit you and all those around you.” 

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