Trade Credit isn’t one size fits all

Trade credit isn’t one size fits all

Discover a seamless end-to-end solution customized for everyone’s unique needs.

Choose what’s best for your business

Decide on the terms, billing and servicing that work best for your customers. Then, choose the platform, funding and risk protection that work best for your business.


Choose the elements of our program that work best for you:

  • Flexible platform for B2B sales
  • Onshore servicing team
  • Full or partial recourse options
  • Funding at the frequency of your choice: daily, weekly, twice monthly or monthly

Design your treatment customer-by-customer, including:

  • Net 30, 60, 90 day terms or revolving credit
  • Invoice or statement billing
  • Capital One-provided or merchant-specific rewards options
  • Late fee penalties turned on or off
  • Flexible credit lines up to $1M

Partner with Capital One to integrate with your systems, train your team and launch your program:

  • Seamless web-based or ERP-integrated authorizations
  • Customer conversion and onboarding
  • Launch support and training for you and your team

Enjoy new sales growth, protection from risk and your program, your way