The Credit Offers API is available to Capital One Affiliates and allows you to match your customers to credit offers that not only meet their needs but are also more likely to result in an approved application. Within 60 seconds of submitting a few pieces of identifying information through our secure channel, you will receive a list of personalized credit card offers to show your customer. And with each approval, you’ll be compensated! This API exposes the following capabilities:

Retrieve product listings and details—get a full list of all the Capital One credit products you can offer your customers (based on your affiliate status), along with their details (including rewards information and product reviews).

Check pre-qualifications—submit customer information to determine which credit cards they would be qualified for if they were to apply. Requesting this list does not affect the applicant’s credit score or guarantee acceptance.

Pre-fill applicant details—provides a complete, pre-filled product application for your customers so they can easily apply for a Capital One credit product.