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Credit Offers

Get a personalized list of Capital One credit offers for your customers within 60 seconds.

With just a few pieces of personal information, your platform can quickly show your customers credit card offers that fit their needs and their likelihood for approval.

Key Features

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Custom Offers

Each comprehensive list based on your affiliate status and your customer's specific credit information.

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Submit customer information to pre-screen for likely qualifications to further streamline your process.

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Lists are generated and available to your customer in less than a minute.

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Pre-populate Form

Fields on credit card application auto-fill with information customers have already entered on your site.

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Product Details

Access card images, rewards data, current APRs, rates and fees to differentiate card offers on your platform.

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Capital One Affiliates receive compensation with each approval!

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Case Studies

API Case Study: Bankrate

Read about how Bankrate expanded the benefits of Credit Offers by integrating the API with its network of sites

Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame easily integrated with the Credit Offers API to give users personalized credit card options and recommendations that help them make the best choice for them — all without affecting their credit score.

API Case Study:

See how the Credit Offers API helped the team deliver on their brand promise to "find a credit card that's right for you."