Once you’ve enrolled in Online Banking, you can set up AutoPay and make automatic monthly payments.

You've got options when it comes to how much you pay:

  • Your minimum payment: the amount will vary according to your new balance amount each month and will be shown on your monthly statement.
  • Your last statement balance: the balance amount (your total balance as of the date your statement was issued) indicated on your monthly statement.
  • A fixed monthly payment: an amount of your choice. The minimum monthly fixed amount is $35. If your current balance is less than $35, we will only process the payment for the amount you owe.

Setting up AutoPay

To set up AutoPay, enter the required information including the credit card account you want to pay, payment account you want to pay from, and the payment amount. Your payment will be made on your due date each month.

Making additional payments while AutoPay is set up

Extra payments are welcomed, but won’t cancel or change any scheduled payments. AutoPay payments still occur unless you cancel them. Sometimes this can lead to you paying more than you intended for the month.

If you choose to pay a fixed amount and that amount is less than the Minimum Payment, you’ll need to make an additional payment to keep your account up-to-date and avoid late fees.