Close Credit Card Account

If you’d like to close your Capital One credit card account, you can take care of that online.

Want to close your credit card account?

We're sorry to see you go, but we've made it easy to close your account online

Sign in to your account, select More Account Services and follow the directions under Close Account.

Keep in mind

  • Your card is no longer active which means that all future transactions will be declined, but any charges you made before closing your account will still post
  • You’ll need to stop any monthly automatic payments or preauthorized charges on your account
  • Make at least the Minimum monthly Payment until the account balance reaches zero
  • In most cases, you’ll lose your Rewards once you close your account. You may want to use up any points you’ve accumulated before closing your account
  • You’ll continue to receive statements until the balance reaches zero
  • There are very few exceptions where we can reopen your account, so it’s best to think of closing it as a permanent thing