What’s so great about Sunday brunch?

Wondering what all the fuss is about? Here are some of the reasons you should be brunching.

Ah, brunch—that curious time of day that’s neither breakfast nor lunch. The anti-brunch crowd will argue that brunch, smack-dab in the middle of Sunday morning, makes it impossible to accomplish anything on a Sunday. So, what’s the point?

Because it just might be the single-most satisfying meal of your week. And here’s why...

It’s late…which means you get to sleep in!

One of the best reasons to brunch is that the timing is so flexible. You don’t have to be there by 11 to make the breakfast menu. And there’s no need to wake up at the crack of dawn and crank out your own home-cooked breakfast. Nope, today you get to let someone else’s hands do the biscuit crafting. You might even spend some extra time self-pampering with a morning massage or a mani/pedi.

There’s a crowd…because everyone’s invited!

Sure, it might be hard to get a table at your favorite spot, but that’s only because all your friends want to join. You’re not the only one with the day off, so make it a party of 5 (or 10) and get the whole crew out for some much-needed catch-up time. Invite the kids. Bring the dogs. Get everyone together and simply enjoy the day.

This is just one of the reasons renowned Raleigh restaurateur Ashley Christensen loves brunch. “Brunch is a time when people on the same rhythm choose to take a break from all the stuff they have going on and everything else they are thinking about,” she says.

You’re outside…where the sun is shining!

While al fresco isn’t a requirement, it’s certainly one of the more enjoyable traits of a good brunch. Escape the fluorescent lighting for a few beautiful hours of sunlight with a side of English muffins. Pick a picturesque spot on the water or a quaint sidewalk cafe.

The beverages are complicated...and that's what you love about them!

Think Mason jar drinks garnished with bacon and shrimp. Or fruit-filled sangria—red, white and sparkling. Fancy peaches? Try a refreshing smoothie fueled by fresh ingredients. Want some spice in your life? Try a jalapeño margarita. The options are endless.

Whether you’re a Bloody Mary babe or a mimosa kind of man, there’s no shame in the brunch game. Even if alcohol isn’t in your diet, opt for an enticing mocktail, infused with your favorite fruit flavors.

You’re missing a meal…by combining two into one!

Sure, you might sleep through breakfast, but brunch gives you a chance to catch up. And you can still add your favorite lunch menu items to the mix. Think breakfast pizza and breakfast burritos. Biscuit burgers with eggs. Quiches, casseroles and coffee cakes all at the same time. It’s almost too difficult to choose.

There’s too much food…which means you can share!

Of course, traditional plated options offer an endless array of sweet and savory favorites. From Belgian waffles to biscuits and gravy—you’re sure to be well-fed.

Nicole Eldredge saves her diet “cheat” days for brunch days. “For the most part I keep a pretty healthy diet,” she says. “But when brunch is on, all bets are off!”

If you opt for a brunch buffet, you’re in even more luck. But what can you expect at an all-you-can-eat afternoon soiree? Crab legs, a carving station, eggs any way you want them, pasta, sushi, a variety of options for veggie lovers, and so much more!

Dessert is served early…OK, there’s nothing wrong with that!

Dessert isn’t just for after-dinner enjoyment. Brunch can be a three-course meal by itself. Start with a frittata. Move on to some meat and potatoes. And finish with a fresh fruit tart or a creamy chocolate crepe. Be sure to arrive hungry if that’s your plan of attack.

Or just skip the formalities and stick to a guilt-free, dessert-only afternoon.   

Tomorrow’s Monday…so, start your week off right!

What better way to kick-start your week than with a relaxing Sunday funday? Good food, good friends, good times and great memories can keep a smile on your face all week long.

There’s nothing bad about brunch…it’s all good!

Let’s face it, sleeping in while knowing that your only obligation is to chow down on eggs Benedict could be the highlight of your week.

Self-proclaimed brunch addict Viviana Oyola couldn’t agree more. “It’s my favorite meal of the week,” she says. “I get to drink mimosas with friends and eat my favorite guilty pleasure breakfast foods. What’s not to love about brunch?!”

So, don’t set the alarm. Dress in your Sunday best. Go meet your BFFs and enjoy a guilt-free glass of afternoon bubbly. With all of that good going on, there’s nothing bad about brunching.

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