Your ultimate work March Madness® guide

A 3-point game plan to become the MVP of your tournament.

The Big Dance has finally arrived! Did the selection committee give your favorite team a spot? It’s either time to rep their colors or to hop on a bandwagon—there’s bragging rights at stake. 

March Madness® is a fun chance to bond with your colleagues and initiate some friendly competition. Whether you’re fully remote or in the office 5 days a week, we have a simple guide that will take you from rookie to office MVP. 

Here’s our game plan for creating memories this March regardless of where you are for the big game!

1. Organize a bracket challenge

Once the seeds are set, take the first step and pull up the Capital One NCAA March Madness Bracket Challenge and create a group. Bonus points if you’re creative with the group name. Next, share the link to join with your team—depending on how large your company is, you might even spring for your entire department or all employees if that seems fitting. 

Filling out brackets also helps you prepare for office watch parties. You’ll be able to see if there are any games in the first round you want to catch together, and you can anticipate games to come later in the tournament. It’s always a fun idea to throw watch parties during the Final Four® and National Championship® since these games will help determine your ultimate Capital One NCAA March Madness Bracket Challenge winner. 

Whether you research team statistics or just pick which mascot you like better, setting up your bracket is truly the luck of the draw. 

Capital One NCAA Bracket Challenge

Pick your winners for all 63 games of the March Madness® tournament.

Get started

2. Bring on the snacks

The players aren’t the only ones who need to fuel up for game time! Whether you’re watching the Round of 64 or the National Championship®, a snack spread is a must.

What’s on the menu? Finger foods are always a slam dunk with the crowd. Fan favorites that are easy to make and budget-friendly include pizza, pigs in blankets, chips and dip, fruit and veggie platters and cookies to get started. Set up all your snacks on a table to allow watchers to graze as they work up an appetite. If you’re having a solo watch party at home, a personal snack plate is still a must—prepare your favorites, get comfy on the couch and zone in!

Depending on your budget and watch party location, you have a couple of options on how to acquire your spread. If you’re at the office, it might be easier to order from a local restaurant or make a sign-up sheet for a potluck-style gathering. Another option could be going to a nearby restaurant and ordering a variety of shareable plates for your team. If you work in a remote space, sending snack inspiration to your bracket group will get everyone in the spirit. No matter if your favorite team wins the game, the snacks will definitely be up for MVP. 

3. Share your school spirit

One of the most fun parts of March Madness® is learning either where your colleagues went to school or what team they root for. Encouraging your teammates to rep their favorite colors or school merch throughout the month helps bring the team spirit.

Showcasing school spirit also gives you some insight on whose bracket is reigning supreme. You might start seeing more shirts representing the school that’s pushing their way through the tournament. … There’s nothing wrong with bandwagoners! It helps bring team pride into the office, which is an exciting way to get to know your colleagues in a different realm. Pro tip: If you’re on a Zoom call, sport a hat to spread your spirit. 

Bringing March Madness® into the office is an ideal way to bond with your teammates. Between the Capital One NCAA March Madness Bracket Challenge, snack spreads at viewing parties and unleashing team spirit, you might have co-workers who start the month not knowing a lick of college basketball and end it as self-proclaimed super fans. 

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