Justice of the Pies’ small business picks: Gifts for bakers

Founder Maya-Camille Broussard serves up a piping hot list of small businesses that offer great gifts for bakers.

Capital One is proud to support #SmallUnites, a movement designed to rally communities across the country to champion the small businesses they love. Help small businesses thrive in the new normal by shopping this collection of thoughtful gifts for the holidays. You’ll do—and buy—more of what you enjoy, all while supporting the small business community.    

For this Capital One series supporting Small Unites, Maya-Camille Broussard of Justice of the Pies lets us in on her favorite small businesses to cater to the baker in your life.

Specializing in sweet and savory pies, quiches and tarts, Justice of the Pies is so much more than what’s on the delicious, buttery surface. Broussard’s bakery partners with local nonprofit groups to host cooking workshops for under-resourced communities, teach nutritional skills and even help raise money to provide legal assistance to those experiencing poverty or racial inequity. A firm believer in the relational power of food, Broussard has paid it forward by helping us shine a spotlight on these other small businesses.

Maya-Camille Broussard poses with the book Pieometry in a kitchen.

Justice of the Pies’ small business picks:

  • Aplat Culinary: Don’t leave home without a food carrier tote from this culinary brand. Broussard says it’s perfect for transporting your favorite pies and quiches to a family dinner or to welcome a new neighbor to the block with a casserole. 
  • Nielsen-Massey Vanillas: This family business has been creating delicious vanilla extracts and flavors since 1907, and they’ve shown no signs of slowing down. Broussard loves to use pure extracts and the best products, so these bottles always have a place on her shelf. 
  • Great Jones: On a mission to empower home chefs, Great Jones offers everything from dishes and skillets to tips and recipes. Check out their functional, minimalist Dutch oven or the beautiful bakeware suite. Your baked goods will thank you later.
  • Jo Snow Syrups: Are these syrups or the elixir of life? All we know is Broussard found a gold mine with this small business. Their delicious concoctions are great for snow cones, cocktails and everything in between.
  • Burlap & Barrel: Savor the spice of life when you shop from this public-benefit corporation. They’re working to build international food supply chains that are equitable, transparent and traceable. By connecting small farmers to high-value markets and sourcing unique ingredients grown using traditional methods, Burlap & Barrel is helping reorient the way we shop for our food. As if that’s not enough, their products are delicious. Broussard is particularly in love with their Black Urfa Chili spice.
  • Lauren Ko’s Pieometry: If you want to create feed-worthy treats, this beautifully shot cookbook focuses on the intricate designs and patterns that are perfect for baking aesthetically arresting pies and tarts. Author Lauren Ko has been hailed as the inventor of the “modern lattice,” which you have to see (and taste) to believe.
  • Estelle Colored Glass: Turn your table into a work of art with handblown glass stemware and cake stands. Founder Stephanie Summerson Hall says she was inspired by antique shopping with her grandma, Estelle, and hopes these heirloom-quality pieces help you create your own special memories.  
  • Food Plus People: Make chef-quality food in the comfort of your home with these small-batch hot sauces, seasoned flour mixes and more. Food Plus People thoughtfully sources all their ingredients and handcrafts their products because they believe that quality food is a human right, not a luxury. 

For more ways to support small businesses, visit smallunites.org.

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