Fall adventures for your kid and the kid in you

Consider these ideas for family-friendly fun this fall.

After the long, carefree days of summer, fall can be a reality check. Kids are back in school, and things are picking up at work. You’re busy. And free time is limited. But with a little thought, you can take back your weekend and make the most of the season with your family.

Get out there this Saturday, and spend a day trying on new hats and exploring new interests. Pretend you’re a chef, an athlete or a modern-day explorer. Your child will discover more of the world around them—and maybe a passion within.

Here are 8 adventures to spark your imagination this fall.

Sharpen your culinary skills

Fall’s food-filled holidays are a great excuse to level up your whole family’s cooking and baking skills.

Search online for culinary classes. You can browse and book family-friendly food experiences in cities across the globe, including your own hometown. 

Want to take the fun outdoors? Test your family’s cooking chops over an open flame. Hot dogs and s’mores are easy favorites, but there are plenty of refined recipes that work well over fire, too.

Get your hands dirty

Harvest season is a great time to visit a farm or an orchard—especially if you’re on the hunt for the perfect pumpkin.

You can search for a farm that’ll let you pick your own produce. And if your child’s still young, this might provide all the thrills you need.

Hungry for more? How about an advanced course in organic farming? Your family can lend a hand to a local farmer for a day or longer when you volunteer with WWOOF-USA®.

Eat your way through your city

Sure, kids can be picky eaters, but you may be surprised by what they’ll try when you make it a game. Pretend you’re food critics, and explore your city’s culinary gems.

You can help your kid start a food critic’s notebook, or keep one together and describe in mouthwatering detail the amazing meals and restaurants you find.

For an easy path, follow the footsteps of local restaurant reviewers. Try their favorites and see whether your family agrees. Or set out to explore new cultures through food, sampling cuisine from a new country each time you dine out. You could start in Europe or Asia and work your way around the globe.

Dealing with the pickiest of eaters? Every kid can discover a favorite fall treat. Find theirs and head out in search of the best in your city.

Test your endurance

Want to burn off those extra holiday calories? Join your kid in a feat of athletic endurance or strength. Fall’s littered with 5K races, and many are geared toward family fun. If your child is 5 or older, it’s a good time to get them in on the excitement. You can find a race in your city or in a nearby town you’d like to explore.

And when the weather turns dreary, there are athletic adventures to be had indoors. Just find a nearby climbing gym, and call ahead about lessons and access for kids.

Root for the home team

Your kid doesn’t have to be a fan of sports to enjoy tailgating and cheering on a hometown team. Dressing up is half the fun. So go all out, and cover your family in team colors from head to toe.

If your child is young enough (or has a good sense of humor), you can take things up a notch with face paint and temporary tattoos. Look for them online or at your team’s local store.

Capture the beauty of the season

Brilliant fall foliage and clear blue skies make autumn an artist’s paradise. You can use the colors of the season to inspire your child’s creativity.

A box of crayons and sheets of white paper are all you need to make colorful leaf rubbings. For other easy ideas, look for sites with kid-friendly crafts that’ll strengthen your little one’s creative muscles.

Want something more structured? Check with local museums and community art centers about classes for kids and families.

Discover new worlds

Fall is filled with talk of famous explorers, and it’s the perfect time to empower your kid to make their own discoveries.

Are there hidden treasures in your city? Sign up for a bike or walking tour, and get lost exploring your town like a tourist.

For a change in scenery, consider a day trip. Check out your state’s tourism website for nearby attractions, or find a hiking trail and head for the hills. Skip the interstate and cruise an old highway for a picturesque drive, or hop a train to a nearby town.

Pro tip: Many tourist attractions offer unique experiences for kids, so look online before you go. You just might stumble upon something as cool as the National Park Service’s Junior Ranger program.

Walk the quad

It’s hard to admit, but it will be time for college before you know it.

Even if your child is still young, a college campus is a great place to spend a fall afternoon. There are tons of things to explore on most campuses, including art galleries, museums and idyllic green lawns.

And if your kid’s entering high school, it’s officially time to start thinking about campus tours. Visiting colleges and imagining life as a student can help them consider their options before it’s time to decide.

Does talk of college make you nervous? If the concern is financial, remember that knowledge is power. Learn more about the many ways to pay for college, and how you can start saving today

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