Credit card presale tickets: What to know

If you’ve ever counted down the days to get tickets for a popular event, you might be familiar with the rush of trying to get tickets at the same time as everyone else. 

But having a credit card that offers access to presale tickets is one way to try to beat the virtual crowds. Keep reading to find out about cardholder presale offers and how they work. 

Key takeaways

  • Presale ticket offers are offered by certain credit card issuers that allow eligible cardholders to purchase tickets before sales open up to the general public.
  • Presale tickets and early access might be available to concerts, sporting events, theater performances and dining opportunities. 
  • If you have an eligible Capital One credit card, you can access presale ticket offers.

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What are presale offers for cardholders?

You might be familiar with cash back or miles rewards credit cards. Access to presale offers can be an added credit card benefit for cardholders who want to secure tickets to popular events—and potentially avoid long waits or not getting tickets when event access opens to the general public. 

There are different types of events you can get presale tickets to through your credit card, including:

  • Concerts and music festivals
  • Theater performances
  • Dining opportunities
  • Sporting events

How do credit card presale offers work?

The process of purchasing presale event tickets can vary depending on the credit card issuer, event and ticketing platform you’re using to buy tickets.

Certain credit card issuers provide access through a separate entertainment or experience portal. And in many cases, you’ll receive a code to use to purchase tickets online. You can then enter your code on the ticketing platform and choose your tickets. 

Capital One presale ticket offers

If you’re an eligible Capital One cardholder, you can find presale offers to a wide variety of experiences that could include VIP packages, artist and athlete meet-and-greets, and exclusive sound checks.

Learn more about how Capital One presale works. 

Previous Capital One presale events

Here are some previous events where Capital One cardholders were able to secure tickets before the general public:

  • James Beard Foundation Taste America®
  • iHeartRadio Music Festival®
  • iHeartCountry Festival presented by Capital One
  • Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival® Presented by Capital One
  • World Series™ presented by Capital One

Credit card presale tickets FAQ

Want to know more? Here’s additional information about cardholder presale tickets.

It depends. Prices can vary based on the performer, event, seats and other factors. But by accessing tickets before the general public can, you could have more options to find the tickets that work best for you.

Using a credit card to purchase tickets can be a convenient way to get premier access to unforgettable events. Plus, if you use an eligible Capital One rewards credit card to purchase the tickets on Capital One Entertainment, you can earn additional rewards. And you could redeem your rewards for tickets on Capital One Entertainment.

The process to purchase presale tickets can vary depending on the credit card issuer and ticketing platform. For example, you might use your credit card’s entertainment or experiences platform or a partner site to get presale ticket offers.

With Capital One, you can access the Capital One Entertainment presales page to learn more about next steps.

Cardholder presale offers in a nutshell

Access to presale tickets is a cardholder benefit offered through certain credit card issuers. It can give you a competitive advantage over fans who are buying tickets when they’re available to the general public. 

With Capital One Entertainment, you can use an eligible rewards card to get premier access to unforgettable events. Not a cardholder yet? Compare Capital One rewards credit cards.

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