How to Work from Home: 44 Jobs for the Remote Worker

Here are 44 possible work-from-home jobs

Advances in technology have made it easier for people to work from home, according to a 2018 report. Whether running a business online or working for a company from home, the internet has helped enable remote jobs to become a reality. A 2016 report on workers in New York City found that working from home is not only common, but also productive. Telecommuting is so common that many government agencies even allow and sometimes encourage it. Higher job satisfaction and lower stress levels might even be associated with working from home. 

Ultimately, you and your employer need to determine whether working from home is right for you. In making that decision, however, it can be helpful to know what some of the most popular work from home opportunities are. Wondering how to work from home? Let’s uncover what some people might like about working from home and then list some of the types of remote jobs.

What are some of the potential advantages of working from home?

Those who work from home might cite any number of reasons they love it. Here is a quick list of why they could feel working from home is beneficial to them.

  • Higher productivity
  • Salary considerations

Salary considerations

Not having to spend your salary on commuting costs like gas or public transportation to get to the office or workplace might represent savings for you.

Working From Home: 44 Exciting Remote Work Job Possibilities

1. Blogger

A blogger is someone who populates a website with regular content to attract visitors and curate an online audience. Some write about their passion and build a community. They might choose to monetize the blog through advertisements or gated content.

2. Nanny or Child Caregiver

Watching children can be a taxing job, but those who are comfortable around kids may find fulfillment being a child caregiver. Child caregivers usually need to have the proper permits and licenses to provide child care.

3. Consultant

Some individuals make money consulting in an area of their expertise. Those who are good at search engine optimization, for example, might decide to offer SEO advice. Specialists like lawyers or accountants sometimes also offer service from the comfort of their home.

music teacher's may work from home

4. Music Teacher

If you know how to play the piano or guitar, you may consider teaching. You may find that you can conduct lessons from your home or visit students’ homes. Or you may build a following online through video tutorials and other resources.

5. Pet Stylist and Groomer

It seems plenty of people love their pets and want them to stay clean and well groomed. Those who are good with animals and know how to make them look nice might enjoy styling or grooming pets in their own homes.

6. Pet Sitter

Those who enjoy animals might love watching others’ pets in their home. They may find it an added bonus that they get paid to play with cuddly creatures that they already adore.

7. Animator

Some animators may make money from home using freelance sites. They might work on anything from video games to movies to television commercials.

8. Special Events Cook or Caterer

Those who have honed their culinary craft might enjoy providing baked goods for parties, or catering events might all be started from their home kitchen.

9. Party or Event Planner

Some planners might not need a formal office to plan parties or events. Much of the planning can be done via meetings in their home, through phone calls, or over email. Those skilled in logistics and activity planning just might find a fulfilling career in event planning from home.

10. Instructional or Entertainment Video Host

Some who are good in front of the camera choose to launch a video series on a public video sharing site. They might share expertise on a certain subject, give lessons and tips, or even just strictly entertain.

11. Life Coach

People who are skilled at helping others make and reach their goals might excel as life coaches. Sometimes life coaches hold coaching sessions from their home or give advice over email or video chat.

12. Massage Therapist

Some massage therapists have a massage table and tranquil room in their home dedicated to treating clients. That said, becoming a massage therapist often requires specific schooling and licensing.

Massage therapists may work from home

13. Chiropractor

Chiropractors must be certified and often go to many years of school. It may be possible for chiropractors to serve clients from their home.

14. Small Business Bookkeeper

Some have found they can become a bookkeeper by taking an online course. Others have taken a community college course.

15. Handmade Crafter

There are sites dedicated specifically to hosting handmade crafters. Those who are creative and make a unique handmade product might find personal fulfillment and a decent income being a handmade crafter.

16. Data Entry Specialist

Helping businesses input and organize their data may not seem like the most glamorous of remote jobs. That said, those who feel numbers and analytics are their thing might find a fulfilling gig working as a data entry specialist.

17. Photographer/Videographer

Some people might run a photography business from a home-based studio. Others offer their services as a videographer for special events. Editing is often done at home. Some choose to specialize in certain types of photos or videos like weddings, engagements, or family pictures.

18. Direct Salesperson

There are several types of direct selling companies. Those who find a product they like might discover a rewarding career they can run from their home. Some hold meetings about the product with potential customers. Others simply use their home as an office and storage space for the goods they sell. Direct sellers often make a commission on the goods they sell.

19. Online Teacher

There are sites dedicated to enabling teachers to teach online. Some teachers offer classes on their own after getting enough students to sign up for their class.

20. Remote Social Media Manager

Social media managers that work from home may need a keen eye for design and photography and have strong writing and editing skills. They might have a knack for understanding brands and customers and sharing a brand’s story via multiple social channels. Collecting and interpreting data is also a key skill social media managers may have.

21. Ecommerce Store Owner

There are a number of resources available and platforms to use for those who would like to get started selling products from their home.

Running an ecommerce site from home

22. Graphic Designer

People may not need an office to produce stunning logos, infographics, or designs. Virtual graphic designers enjoy working from the comfort of their home to provide companies and individuals with crisp and eye-popping visual material.

23. Survey Taker

A survey taker can make money by responding to questions about their purchase behavior, lifestyle, or media preferences. While they may not make copious amounts of money, for the time investment, they might still make a respectable sum.

24. Property Rental

Those who have a basement apartment sometimes make money by renting out that part of their home. Others own rental properties and conduct business and gather payments online right from home. Be aware of local tenant/landlord laws before considering renting out a property or part of your property.

25. Peer-to-Peer Storage Provider

Since storage units can at times be pricey, some have found that they can make extra cash by offering up spare space in their home as storage. People might use a secure online platform to do this. There are peer-to-peer storage communities out there that may be worth researching.

26. Peer-to-Peer Home or Room Rental

Some people make money by renting out their whole home to others through a secure site. Sometimes they might even rent only a single room while still at home.

27. Peer-to-Peer Lender

Some make money in interest by lending to others through a secure and dedicated site.

28. Programmer

Individuals who can write code might be in high demand for businesses. All that’s needed to be a programmer from home might be the right coding knowledge and a computer. Online courses may be able to help you learn or expand your programming abilities.

programmers may work from home

29. Internet Security Specialist

Those who understand how to help businesses implement data protection systems may find themselves suited to a job as an internet security specialist. As a service, they may run scans and audits and monitor for threats which may be able to be done remotely.

30. Realtor

Some realtors field client calls from home or use their home as their office. Realtors are generally good with people and comfortable helping them navigate the ins and outs of purchasing a home.

31. Online Juror

You might be able to help a lawyer with their case as an online juror. These people serve as a mock jury to help lawyers build a strong case.

32. Virtual Travel Agent

Virtual travel agents put together travel itineraries, organize flights, and pull together fun activities for their clients. Sometimes they may be able to get certain perks in the form of travel discounts.

33. Transcriptionist

Transcriptionists most often listen to audio recordings and type them out. Depending on the job, transcriptionists may not be required to have a lot of prior experience. Some transcriptionists might tell you that accuracy and speed are key to success. Jobs as a transcriptionist might range from capturing a written version of a college professor’s lecture to transcribing a video.

34. Product Reviewer

The products you already use might be a source of income if you are willing to review them online.

35. Telephone Nurse

Registered nurses might find fulfillment and some extra compensation by working with a healthcare company from home. A telephone nurse might be available to help patients in need of medical advice or general health education.

36. Website Tester

Some people who work from home choose to be website testers. Businesses may look to ensure their sites are user-friendly and easy to navigate. Some of them will offer compensation to people willing to follow instructions and provide feedback on the user experience of their site.

37. Repair Person

People who are skilled at fixing things might be able to start a home business focused on repairs. Cell phone screen repair might be an option. Appliance technicians might run a business from their own home as well.

38. Online Writer or Editor

Writing readable and engaging content can be difficult. Whether writing content themselves, or helping others improve theirs, some find an invigorating and rewarding career working from home as a writer or editor.

39. Stylist

Stylists might run a home-based operation. Others offer fashion advice and set up consultations online.

40. Translator

Those who know a second language might be able to make money translating documents or videos. Some also do online interpreting.

41. Online Tutor

Those who are good at math or another specific subject might choose to tutor others online. There are a number of online tutoring sites that facilitate these opportunities.

42. Customer Service Representative

Working as a customer service rep for a company remotely may be an option.

43. Virtual Recruiter

Virtual recruiters work primarily online. These individuals are generally skilled at scouting talent and finding potential hires that would be a good fit at certain positions within specific companies.

44. Voice Actor

Voice actors sometimes work from a home recording studio. They can upload voice samples online and might win jobs as voice-over actors in commercials or a company’s online promotional video.

How to Work From Home: Wrapping It Up

Determining how to work from home is up to you and, if you are working for one, your employer. If it works for you, whether it’s telecommuting for a company or starting your own gig, you just might find there are remote jobs or work-from-home opportunities out there for you.

We hope that you found this helpful. Our content is not intended to provide legal, investment, or financial advice or to indicate the Capital One product or service is available or right for you. For specific advice about your unique circumstances, consider talking with a qualified professional.