When does my old card expire?

Your card has an expiration date (month and year). It’s typically printed on the back of your card next to the security code. The card technically expires one day after the end of that month.


Note that your old card will work up until the date of its expiration even if you’ve activated the new one.

I haven’t received a new card yet. When should I expect it?

Your new card should arrive 4 weeks before the old one expires. If your card expires in less than 4 weeks and you still haven’t received the new one, please call us: 1-800-227-4825.

When should I start using my new card?

When you get it! As soon as your new card arrives you can activate it and start using it. You’ll find instructions for activation on the sticker on the front of the new card. For your security, we recommend that you destroy the old card once you activate the new one.

How do I activate my card?

To activate your card, you can go to capitalone.com/activate or text Mobile to 80101 for a link.*

What’s new about this card?

This card has a new expiration date and security code (CVV). Your 16-digit card number is the same.


We strongly recommend you update your card information wherever you’ve stored it online to prevent a recurring charge from being made on a card that has expired. You can see a list of the recurring merchants where you’ve saved this card at the bottom of this page.

How long do I have to update recurring merchants and other places my card is stored?

We recommend updating your new card information wherever your card is stored before it expires. Some places may automatically update, but it’s worth reviewing to prevent a recurring charge being made on an expired card.


You can see a list of the recurring merchants where you’ve saved this card at the bottom of this page.

Why do cards expire?

 We make sure that your card receives a regular security upgrade every few years, and expired cards shouldn’t be used because they may not uphold our current security standards.

How do I know where my card is stored?

We’ve compiled a list of recurring merchants and places where you store your card information online. You can view that list after signing into your online account here:


View my recurring merchants


*In order to receive a link to the Capital One Mobile app via text message, your mobile device must be subscribed to a wireless service on a participating mobile carrier, and you must be able to receive text messages using your mobile device and your carrier’s service. Standard message and data rates may apply. Go to www.capitalone.com/privacy to view our Privacy Policy and for additional questions.

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