Check here to see if you are eligible to transfer a balance to your Capital One credit card.


Keep in mind, you cannot transfer balances between two Capital One accounts and the total amount of your transfer, including any applicable fees, cannot exceed the amount for which you are eligible. This can be found within your Balance Transfer offer.

Information you'll need to get started

  • Amount you want to transfer
  • Name, account number and payment address of the other creditor

After your balance transfer request is approved

If approved, your balance transfer will be processed immediately. However, the time it takes to reach your other creditor can take about 10 business days.

Keep in mind

  • Balance transfers will not earn Capital One rewards
  • Continue to make your credit card and loan payments until you confirm that the transferred payment has been received by your other creditors
  • The minimum payment on your Capital One card will increase once the transfer is complete

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