Pending transactions

Find out what it means when a transaction is pending.

Pending transactions

Find out what it means when a transaction is pending.


A pending transaction is a request by a merchant to authorize your purchase. This ensures your account is active, with available funds to cover the purchase.  Pending transactions affect your available credit  and can take up to 5 days to post to your account. When the final purchase amount is received from the merchant, the transaction moves from pending to posted.

Sometimes, a pending transaction will never post. A common example of this scenario is canceled and/or voided transactions. When this happens, your available credit is restored and your list of transactions will not include that specific transaction.

How long does it take a pending transaction to post to my account?

It generally may take up to 5 days for a pending transaction to post.  This is an example of how a pending credit card transaction works:

  • Say you have a credit limit of $1000, and you make a purchase for $500. The purchase amount is immediately deducted from your available credit and reflects as a pending transaction section of your online account (the amount you can spend).

  • Once the final purchase amount is received from the merchant, the $500 is paid to the merchant’s bank.

  • The purchase will reflect as posted generally within 5 days of the transaction occurring, and can be located under the transactions section of your online account. 

Why is the pending amount different from what I paid?

While pending, the amount of the authorization may change. These are just a few times you may notice a discrepancy between a transaction that's pending versus what's posted. 

  • Restaurants: you may be charged for the base amount before your tip amount is added to this total 

  • Gas stations: a pay-at-the-pump service center charging a small authorization

  • Travel: a hotel or car rental agency authorizing an estimated amount for incidentals

Keep track of your pending and posted amounts, so you can get in touch if something doesn't look right. If a pending transaction posts to your account incorrectly, you can contact the merchant to ask for clarification or a correction,  or dispute the transaction.

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