Our focus at The Lab

We ask questions, solve problems & create experiences for our customers.

We question the status quo and reimagine what we can do.

Our team of strategists, experience designers, researchers, engineers and product managers are committed to developing products that can enhance the lives of our customers and push Capital One to make industry-wide impacts.

We build from the ground up

Completed projects include cutting-edge fraud prevention tools, redesigned credit cards and virtual card numbers.

We host annual hackathons

Our annual hackathons show who we are and how we work. We take ideas from concept to delivery, helping our business partners across Capital One's offerings to come up with amazing ideas and implement them for our customers.

Big questions bring big answers

So if you're not an inventor yet, you may be one great idea away from getting to call yourself one.

ML infrastructure

Data scientists spent days training a model, and months handling deployment. We built a platform to make model development simpler, while saving infrastructure costs.

Virtual card numbers

We leveraged payment tokens to make online shopping easy and secure. No physical card required.

Credit card design

A credit card can be more than a simple plastic rectangle. Let's think through how we can design cooler cards with more functionality.

Fraud data protection

By building an internal data visualization tool, we can revolutionize how we detect fraud and protect our customers.