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Come join the conversation. We're finding fun new ways to connect with our customers through social media owned and operated by third parties. By using Capital One’s Sites1, you agree to follow these Guidelines2. Capital One may remove, hide or delete posts or block users that do not abide by our Guidelines3.


Hate Is not tolerated

Hate speech, abusive, threatening, offensive or otherwise inappropriate comments are not tolerated.

Be respectful

Be respectful of others and use common courtesy.

Be honest

Don’t share false information.

Stay on topic

Be sure to stick to the topic of the post or the page/handle purpose.


We value your privacy

Never post sensitive account information on a public platform. Do not post or send by Direct Message any financial information – Social Security number, account number, PIN, or passwords – on any social forum. We may ask you to send a Direct Message with contact information, but we will never ask for your account number on social sites.


If you have questions about our products or services, you can reach our Customer Service @AskCapitalOne on Twitter or direct message (DM) us on Facebook or Instagram, or you can reach us here. We may ask you for contact information, but  we’ll never ask for your account number, or other personal or sensitive information in social media

If Capital One wants to use your posts, comments, reviews, endorsements, or photos, videos, etc. (User Generated Content), we will reach out to you directly to obtain your consent. To do so we will DM you, and ask if we have your permission. The DM will contain instructions on how to grant your permission.

Capital One respects the intellectual property rights of others. You should not share or post any User Generated Content that would violate Capital One’s or any third-party’s copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, intellectual property, or other proprietary rights, or right of publicity or privacy on the Platforms.  By submitting any content to Capital One on the Platforms, you warrant and represent that you are the owner of the content or that the rightsholder of the content has granted you permission to use the content consistent with the manner and purpose of your use. 

But please note that Capital One doesn’t accept unsolicited ideas or submissions.