REI Co-op® Mastercard®

Choose outside every day with the REI Co-op® Mastercard®—just for REI Co-op members.

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5% in card rewards

on REI Co-op purchases. 1

1.5% in card rewards

on all other purchases. 2

$100 REI gift card

after first purchase outside of REI within 60 days from account opening. 3

No annual fee

$0 to use or maintain the card. 4

No foreign transaction fees

Avoid additional charges or fees while abroad or with foreign currency. 4

More perks to love

Double card rewards

During a yearly event, cardmembers earn double REI Co-op Mastercard rewards on REI Co-op purchases. 5

$50 account credit

Toward REI Co-op Experiences, including classes, day trips or multiday outings led by outdoor experts. 6

See how quickly your rewards can add up

Earn outside rewards. Redeem as you earn them. 8

Rewards you can redeem even faster—as soon as they post to your account! Plus, your rewards won’t expire for the life of your account.


You could bring home $816 in rewards this year!

Plus, your annual Co-op Member Reward amount (typically 10% on eligible full-price REI purchases). 9

Manage your card anytime, anywhere


There are three ways members can apply for the REI Co-op Mastercard:

  • In-store text to apply: Text to apply allows the member to apply for the REI Co-op Mastercard through their personal mobile device.
  • In-store tablet: If a member does not have a mobile device with them or would prefer not to use it to apply, they may apply on a tablet provided by an REI employee.
  • Online: Members can also apply for the REI Co-op Mastercard online through the REI website at

REI Co-op Mastercard cardmembers have access to Mastercard World Elite benefits. View these Mastercard World Elite benefits.

You can use your card anywhere Mastercard credit cards are accepted.

You can shop at REI with your Total REI Rewards. Only the primary member or cardmember (not a spouse or other family member) may redeem their Total REI Rewards (REI Co-op Mastercard Rewards + Co-op Member Reward).

To redeem your Total REI Rewards:

  • Shop online at or REI Outlet. 
  • Shop at any REI Co-op store.
  • Shop with the REI Mobile app. (Download free on the App Store® and Google Play.)
  • Book a trip with REI adventure travel.