Using Predictive Analytics to Address the Racial Wealth Gap

Capital One is helping the Black Economic Alliance Foundation predict the impact of efforts to support the Black community

In addition to leveraging the talents of our Capital One associates, our company’s philanthropic support to organizations helps to improve their capacity to use data to examine and pose solutions to address key issues facing their communities.

The Capital One Foundation in partnership with Capital One is assisting the Black Economic Alliance Foundation (BEA Foundation) in its journey to build a comprehensive data tool to analyze and reliably predict the impact of investments and interventions on the Black community.

This simulation tool will better support real- time data that reflects and provides critical context on the current circumstances facing these communities. This technology enables the BEA Foundation to forecast the most impactful ways that businesses and lawmakers can execute strategies and construct interventions that exponentially increase future wealth in the Black community.

It will also highlight gaps in the market, in turn providing real-time opportunities for the private, social and public sectors to take action to invest in impactful pipeline building. Ultimately, the hope for this development is to ensure consistent and rigorous assessment across stakeholders and help leaders take better-informed action to support Black economic prosperity.

“With Capital One’s partnership and generous support, the Black Economic Alliance Foundation is creating a first- of-its-kind predictive modeling tool to help corporate and philanthropic leaders forecast the impact of investments on expanding Black economic prosperity and wealth-building," says Samantha Tweedy, CEO at Black Economic Alliance. "This rigorous analysis tool will help leaders make data-rich choices about how and where to deploy their resources for maximum effect on combating the racial wealth gap.”