UnBoundRVA: Creating a Path Toward Small Business Ownership

UnBoundRVA focuses on empowering individuals from low-income backgrounds through the opportunity to own their own businesses.


Capital One believes that with support, advice and training, entrepreneurs can rise up from anywhere. That guiding principle is a shared value of UnBoundRVA – a Richmond-based nonprofit focused on empowering individuals from low-income backgrounds through the opportunity to own their own businesses.

Through a year-long curriculum that includes classes on leadership, foundational business skills, and financial education, UnBoundRVA creates a path to economic independence for aspiring entrepreneurs. Financial education classes designed and instructed by Capital One associates – the Strength Builders Series – include six workshops on budgeting, understanding credit scores, risks associated with social media, and small business banking and technology tools.

In 2018, 35 individuals created financial and business plans from the program and over 18 small businesses were supported by UnBoundRVA.

Entrepreneurship and Eggs

During his many years in the food service industry, Nathan Kent often thought about owning his own business, but assumed it wasn’t a realistic aspiration. UnBoundRVA helped him turn that assumption on its head. As a participant in the program’s six-month Strength Builder Series, Kent steeped himself in Entrepreneurship 101, learning everything from budgeting and saving to individual development skills like personal branding and executive communication.

Today, Kent owns and operates Egghead Catering & Delivery, a food services operation specializing in artisan egg sandwiches. “UnboundRVA has created the opportunity for me to take control of my future by providing the resources to turn my dreams into reality...I never thought it was possible for me to own a business until I found this program,” says Kent.

He credits the UnBoundRVA program with helping him access not only the financial resources to get off the ground, but a network of community partners who have helped him master marketing strategy and administrative duties. “I know the UnboundRVA team is in my corner – enthusiastic and always pushing me to reach further.”