One Scholarship, Countless Opportunities

Capital One partners with the Technology Access Foundation to provide scholarships and internships

Like many eighth graders, Steven Kwan wasn’t sure what he wanted to be when he grew up – but he did know he’d have to start saving for college. Kwan’s parents, first-generation immigrants from China, had always stressed the importance of education.

So, when Kwan learned that the nonprofit Technology Access Foundation (TAF) was offering $1,000 scholarships for successful completion of each year of its Technical Teens Internship Program (TTIP), a high school STEM program, he immediately applied. That decision led to a scholarship and a relationship with an organization that shaped his career.

Capital One partners with TAF to support efforts like TTIP, in addition to hosting internships and providing volunteers for programs including student STEM expos. Capital One has even helped build a robotics and engineering lab for the TAF team.

Today, Kwan is a graduate of the University of Washington, a software engineer at a major tech company, and an advocate for more diverse representation in the industry. And Kwan recently became a member of TAF’s board of directors, bringing his experience full circle. “TAF has given me skills to be a very good advocate for myself,” he said. “I’ve realized that I also have to advocate for other people as well if I want to see changes happen.”