5 Budget-Friendly Tips for Elevating Your Bedroom Decor

The Founder of At Home With Savvy shares budget-friendly tips for bedroom décor updates and interior design recommendations

Written by Demetrius Robinson of At Home With Savvy 

Oftentimes when we think of a luxurious bedroom, we think EXPENSIVE! But to me, luxury is a feeling, not a price-point. It’s all about how you juxtapose items to create harmony within a space. I’m excited to share some tried and true ways you can make your bedroom feel more luxurious without going over budget. 

Demetrius Robinson of At Home With Savvy 

Take on a DIY Project

The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project doesn’t have to be massive! It could be DIY artwork, you breathing new life into your existing nightstands with new paint and hardware, or a DIY headboard (like the one pictured in the above bedroom). The options are limitless, but DIY projects are an amazing way to get a higher-end look for less money. 

I initially found a similar wall-mounted headboard with leather straps for about $1,100 but after researching everything I’d need to create it myself, I couldn’t imagine spending that much money, so I got to work on a DIY version. I bought an inexpensive piece of medium-density fiberboard (MDF) that I had cut at my local home improvement store, a memory foam mattress pad, one linen curtain (found in the clearance section at a high-end retailer for $10), and leather straps. The DIY version came in at just over $100. With nearly $1,000 in savings, I was able to get everything else I needed for the space. 

Layer on Soft, Textured Bedding

Take a page out of the rulebook for boutique hotels: layered bedding is a key part of achieving the most luxurious look in your bedroom! I always start with crisp white sheets, then a plush duvet paired with a soft duvet cover and topped off with a faux fur throw blanket. And of course, you’ll want to layer on accent pillows! 

This layered look is a staple for boutique hotels, but you’ll get to experience sleeping in luxury without spending hundreds per night! 

Always Include an Area Rug

An area rug is one thing that most people tend to forget about, especially if their bedroom has wall-to-wall carpet. That being said, a rug can have an immense impact on the quality and feel of your space. I always suggest an area rug; it’s the one piece that truly grounds a room and ties the entire design together to bring another layer of coziness. 

Area rugs don’t have to cost a fortune; there are plenty of online and in-person retail stores that offer area rugs at fair price points. My favorite way to make an area rug look more high-end is to use a high-quality rug pad. The rug pad will add volume to the rug while making the rug feel 10 times better underfoot. 

I will also mention that selecting the best size area rug for the space is crucial. My rule of thumb is to use an 8’ x 10’ area rug for a queen-size bed and a 9’ x 12’ for a king-size bed. These measurements ensure you’ll have more than enough room on all sides of the bed. 

Incorporate Greenery and Plants

Plants are a great low-cost way to add drama and serenity to your bedroom! They also purify the air and produce oxygen to provide you with an environment that ensures better-quality sleep. My top three plants to incorporate into a bedroom are snake plants, fiddle leaf figs and pothos. 

Fiddle leaf figs are beautiful and super trendy right now, but they can be quite finicky. If you’re a beginner “plant parent,” I’d suggest sticking to the snake plants and pothos because they’re much easier to care for.  

Before you head out and shop for plants there are a few important things to consider: 1) the level of natural light your bedroom gets, 2) where you intend to place the plants, and 3) care instructions for the plants you intend to buy. This all ensures that you are setting yourself up for “plant parent” success. 

Add Dimensional Lighting 

Don’t just stop at a chandelier, go further! Layering lighting in your bedroom is the perfect way to create the best ambience. There are three major components to layering lighting: ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. 

Ambient lighting is the foundational layer of light in your bedroom; its sole purpose is to illuminate the entire space. It allows you to comfortably move about the space without worry. Ambient lighting is usually placed in the center of the room and can be an actual chandelier, pendant, or flush mount. This fixture can also be placed on a dimmer switch, or you can use smart home light bulbs you can dim from your mobile device. 

Task lighting allows for you to efficiently perform tasks within your bedroom without the need of overhead lighting. For example, you could have sconces flanking your bed, table lamps, pendants that hang from the ceiling above your nightstands, and even floor lamps. 

The final layer is accent lighting, and this is the perfect way to add the finishing touches. I love to incorporate accent lighting into the bedroom by adding a picture light above artwork to really draw your attention. 

Now that you are equipped with these five budget-friendly ways to elevate your bedroom decor, it’s time for you to implement these tips into your bedroom to elevate your space.